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Novena to St. Martin de Porres

St. Martin was born in Lima, Peru in 1579. He was the illegitimate child of a nobleman and a black woman. St. Martin became a Dominican Brother and loved all people and animals. He was spiritually wise, charitable to the needy, and devoted himself to God by inflicting severe penances upon his body. St. Martin died on November 3, 1639 and his feast day is celebrated on November 3.

The following St. Martin Novena includes nine days of prayers to patron Saint Martin. Many people wear a St. Martin medal or a St. Martin pendant when reciting the novena to help them remain charitable and tolerant of people of all races.

Recite Daily

O compassionate God, you have given us St. Martin de Porres as a model of humility, mortification, and charity. You glorified his faithfulness and blest his life-long service to you. Look on us with compassion and make us feel his powerful intercession.
O glorious saint, you only lived for God and for your fellowmen; you were always available for the poor and the needy. Attend to the needs of your devotees who admire your sanctity and heroism. Make us feel the presence of your great charity, praying for us before God who has rewarded your faithfulness for his eternal glory. Amen.

Day 1
O humble saint, you amazed your contemporaries by your profound humility, accepting your situation as an illegitimate son of a Spaniard and a black woman. You were never ashamed of your family background, and your father who first did not like you, made you his favorite son because of your humility, joy, and holiness. Enable us to accept situations in life which we consider bad. Make us aware that realities could only be changed by first accepting them in the name of Jesus. Amen.
Daily Prayer
(3) Hail Mary and (3) Glory Be
St. Martin de Porres, pray for us.

Day 2
O tireless saint, you went around the city of Lima, Peru, teaching people about the Christian faith. Your favorite students were the slaves and children who listened to you attentively as you open for them the mystery of God's love. You easily entered the hearts of the simple people because you used a simple language to explain our faith. Inspire us to study and teach our Catholic faith that we may prevent Catholics from joining other sects because of ignorance of the Catholic faith. Give us your wisdom and eloquence that we, too, may be able to teach the poor and children to understand their Catholic faith. Amen.
Daily Prayer
(3) Hail Mary and (3) Glory Be
St. Martin de Porres, pray for us.

Day 3
O saint of many practices of mortification, you inflicted in yourself a daily dose of physical pain, including wearing of uncomfortable clothes, so that you might experience the pain of the cross. You hid these activities to your superiors, so great is your love for God that you only wanted to be known by him. You hid yourself when government and famous persons wanted to honor you. O great saint, give us your spirit of humility and mortification. Inspire us to accept that a comfortable and easy life leads us away from the Lord. Enable us to seek the presence of Jesus and take comfort only in his words. Amen.
Daily Prayer
(3) Hail Mary and (3) Glory Be
St. Martin de Porres, pray for us.

Day 4

You were a healer of many sick people in your time, O St. Martin. You gave your patients medicines coming from herbs and plants, and most of all, you healed them through your prayers and the touch of your hands. How people ran after you in search for healing. I kneel down before you seeking your help for the many infirmities that I encounter in myself and in others. I know that we have to carry our daily cross and part of this is to embrace wholeheartedly our sicknesses and pains. Give us then the courage to imitate your attitude of carrying the cross. Heal my fears which are the most terrible of my sicknesses. Remove my fears, and I will already be contented. Amen.
Daily Prayer
(3) Hail Mary and (3) Glory Be
St. Martin de Porres, pray for us

Day 5
You were called "father of the poor" because no poor person who came to ask your help
of the hungry and the sick in such a way that you inspire others to follow the same path. You gained your entrance into the eternal life because of your self-abnegation and sacrifice for the poor. Enable us, O great saint, to be generous with the poor, to share our time and resources to the needy and the sick, also, inspire us to visit prisons and hospitals that we may give comfort to the sufferings. Amen.
Daily Prayer
(3) Hail Mary and (3) Glory Be
St. Martin de Porres, pray for us.

Day 6
O great saint, you were famous not just for your works of charity, but for your profound life of prayer. You were seen floating in the chapel as you entered into ecstasies with Jesus. Jesus gifted you with special wisdom and supernatural insight that left your learned brothers among the Dominicans to wonder where did you get all your wisdom, having not studied. Your face shone with the glory of God. You discovered more secrets about him than your learned brothers. O dear saint, guide us in our prayer that we, too, may savor the sweet union with Jesus and his presence. Share with us your spiritual consolation that we may become strong and wise in the things of heaven. Amen.
Daily Prayer
(3) Hail Mary and (3) Glory Be
St. Martin de Porres, pray for us.

Day 7
Your death, O great saint, was a spectacle in the city of Lima, as dignitaries and poor people huddled together to get a last glimpse of you. You fell sick so rapidly, and you carried this sickness with joy, knowing that at the end of life, you would be with Jesus. You kissed the cross given to you by the archbishop who saw in your eyes the presence of Jesus himself. You asked your brother Dominicans to sing you canticles of praise as you neared your death. Help us, St. Martin, to prepare ourselves to die and make death a happy encounter between us and God. Amen.
Daily Prayer
(3) Hail Mary and (3) Glory Be
St. Martin de Porres, pray for us.

Day 8
Months after your death, O great saint, your miracles multiplied. You cured the priest in charge of your beatification of ulcer on his feet, saved the lives of a mother and her baby in the womb; the list of your miracles is long. We put before you our needs and sicknesses. Help us, St. Martin. We believe in your powerful intercession. From heaven, look kindly on us your devotees, who are struggling in this valley of tears. If you intercede for us and we are cured of our sicknesses and ailments, we promise that we would serve the Lord among the poor and the needy. Amen.
Daily Prayer
(3) Hail Mary and (3) Glory Be
St. Martin de Porres, pray for

Day 9

O God, you glorified your servant, Martin de Porres, by making him your saint. His name is invoked all over the world; his presence is your presence. His kindness and care for the sick and the poor are likewise yours. You made him your instrument, and we celebrate on earth his victory. Listen then to our petitions and answer our prayers so that through St. Martin de Porres, your name will be glorified on earth. Cure us of our sickness and infirmities, listen to our petitions during this novena, and we promise to bring honor to your servant St. Martin de Porres with our love and devotion. Amen.
Daily Prayer
(3) Hail Mary and (3) Glory Be
St. Martin de Porres, pray for us.

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St. Martin de Porres medal
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St. Martin de Porres pendant
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St. Martin de porres necklace
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St. Martin de Porres Medallion
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St. Martin de Porres charm
St. Martin de Porres Charm is the perfect size for a charm bracelet or a necklace for a child. All gold filled and sterling silver pendants come with a chain.
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Picture of St. Martin de porres patron saint
Picture of St. Martin de Porres the patron saint
























































































































































































































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