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Rosaries, Solid sterling silver with 6mm mother of pearl rosary beads.

Item # SS39/5/5055


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Bead mother pearl rosary

Throughout the centuries, rosary beads have been made from a variety of materials including precious stones, crystals, wood and clay. I sell many rosaries whose beads are made out of mother of pearl, the substance that lines the shells of pearl-producing mollusks. Mother of pearl is so beautiful that some cultures have tossed away the pearl in favor of making jewelry and artifacts out of the shell itself. Rosary beads made with mother of pearl are something to treasure. The iridescent glow of the beads coupled with the shine of silver make a stunning combination. Mother of pearl rosary beads reflect a long tradition of the use of this beautiful resource to enhance furniture and other objects, as well as the use of mother of pearl by itself in jewelry. Rosary beads made out of mother of pearl will last through generations, a personal gift to be handed down. The mother of pearl rosary beads come with a variety of crosses, from very simple to ornate, so any lover of this gem will find a pair of rosary beads to their liking.