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Teutonic Crucifix
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Teutonic Crucifix

 A Modern Crucifix in the Style of the Teutonic Cross

The Teutonic Cross is made up of four Tau crosses with flat bars across the ends of the cross-bars.  The Tau cross is a symbol for Old Testament scripture.  It was originally developed in 1191as a symbol for the GermanTeutonic Order of knights during the reign of Emperor Henry VI.  The order fought during the crusades in Jerusalem, Lithuania, and Prussia.  Their authority decreased during the 15th century and Napoleon disbanded the knights in 1809.

Teutonic Cross Pendant

The Vow of the Teutonic Knights

We fight for the honour of the most glorious Virgin,
The mother of our Lord Jesus Christ,
For the honour and defence of the Holy Church
And for all the Christian faith
And for the expulsion of the enemies of the Cross

Gott mit uns!
“God is with us”

This ancient Teutonic cross is used today to create a contemporary crucifix which depicts Jesus crucified on the Teutonic Cross.  It is a stunning crucifix symbol in sterling silver with a touch of the past and modern styling combined.

Appealing Contemporary Crucifix Design

The modern design of this crucifix cross makes it the ideal gift for young people.  It is perfect for a Confirmation gift, symbolizing the courage, fortitude, and faith of the original Teutonic Order of knights who fought and died in the name of Jesus. 


† Confirmation is the time when young men and women go into the world, becoming soldiers of Christ.  What better gift than the symbol of the knights who fought in the Holy Wars.

† Ordination is another perfect occasion to give the modern crucifix.  It is steeped in tradition of the crusaders, yet a contemporary design that appeals to the modern eye.  A priest, minister, deacon, or nun would be proud to wear this modern crucifix as a sign of their faith and devotion to Jesus Christ.

 Teutonic Crucifix Pendant


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