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La Salette Crucifix
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La Salette Crucifix

What Happened at La Salette?

On September 19, 1846, in the unknown village of La Salette, located at the foothills of the Pelvoux Mountains, Our Lady appeared to two poor children. At the time, La Salette was a poor village where about 600 peasants lived. Their lives consisted of dire poverty, living apart from other people in the enclosed valley. Their crops suffered and disease also spread through the village. Not many of the peasants attended Mass. Those who did attended out of tradition and fear of sin. La Salette

Mary Appears to Two Children

Mary appeared to two children at La Salette. Their names are Maximin Giraud and Melanie Calvat. Like most of the people living in La Salette, the children were very poor. Maximin did not attend school or church. He was 11 years old at the time of the apparition. Melanie was nearly fifteen when Mary appeared. Melanie could not read or write, and was small for her age. She did not attend church either and never made her First Communion.

The Apparition of La Salette

On Saturday, September 19, 1846, Maximin and Melanie climbed the mountain as the sun came up, prodding along the four cows they were taking care of. Around noontime, they led the cows to ‘the fountain of the beasts’, a drinking pool, to get a drink. The children sat to eat their lunch and then fell asleep. Melanie woke up and couldn’t find the cows. She woke Miximin and they went in search of the cows. They spotted the cows still at the fountain. As Melanie climbed down, she suddenly stopped in fear. She saw a globe of fire where they had been sleeping. The light grew and inside both children saw a woman. She was sitting down with her head in her hands as if grieving. They referred to her as “the Beautiful Lady”. She would later be known as Our Lady of La Salette.

The Beautiful Lady

The Beautiful Lady stood up and told the children not to be afraid. They both rushed over to her. The Lady wept the entire time she was speaking to them. The Beautiful Lady was tall, dressed in a long dress, an apron, a shawl, and a bonnet. Roses crowned her head and a wreath of roses on the edges of her shawl. There were also roses at her feet. On her shoulders was a chain, on which hung the La Salette crucifix with a hammer and pincers on each side of the cross.

The Message of Our Lady of La Salette

  • Be not afraid
  • Submit to Jesus Christ’s leadership
  • Pray in union with Mary, the mother of God
  • Make holy the Lord’s day
  • Do not say the Lord’s name in anger and violation
  • Return to Jesus and take care of those less fortunate
  • Convert to the ways of God
  • Watch and pray
  • Attend MassCarry out the Father’s will rather than living for material goods and power
  • Carry the message of Jesus to all people
Our Lady of La Salette
La Salette Cross The message of Our Lady of La Salette is as relevant today as it was in 1846. Christians strive to follow the words of the Virgin Mary, living the life Jesus hopes for us. Wearing a La Salette cross just like the one Our Lady of La Salette wore when she appeared to Maximix and Melanie is a wonderful sign of being willing to live according to her message.

La Salette Cross


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