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Jesus Mary and Joseph Crucifix
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Jesus Mary & Joseph Crucifix

The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph is known by all Christians. There are hundreds of churches named after the Holy Family in all parts of the world and even a community of Sisters of the Holy Family who are Roman Catholic Sisters helping families and children.
Holy Family of Jesus Mary and Joseph
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph of the Holy Family

V Jesus – The only Son of God, sent by His Father to offer hope of eternal salvation to all of mankind.
V Mary – The mother of Jesus who miraculously conceived Jesus while still a virgin and unmarried. She was only a teenager when an angel appeared to her, telling her she would give birth to a son and should name him, Jesus. She accepted the will of God even though she risked stoning for becoming pregnant before she was married.
V Joseph – The adoptive father of Jesus on earth. He had a vision from God about Jesus and accepted the responsibility of caring for Jesus and becoming the husband of Mary. He did this in spite of public ridicule for Mary already being pregnant.

The Example Set by the Holy Family

The example of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph is followed by all Christian families. Today’s Christians try to live in the path of the Holy Family, asking them for strength and guidance to remain strong in their faith. Just as Mary remained with Jesus even while he hung on the cross, so too, today’s families strive to guide and help one another no matter what the circumstances.

Traditions Regarding the Holy Family

  • J.M.J. – It is a tradition for Catholics to write these initials at the top of any correspondence they send in honor of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.
  • Feast of the Holy Family – This is a Catholic feast day in honor of the Holy Family. The feast falls of the Sunday between January 7 and January 13.
  • Veneration of the Holy Family – This began in the 17th century when St. Joseph was considered a vital part of the Holy Family unit.
  • Wearing Holy Family Jewelry – Wearing a Jesus, Mary, and Joseph charm is a sign of devotion to the Holy Family. Usually women and girls wear the charm, while men wear a Jesus, Mary, and Joseph pendant.
Jesus Mary and Joseph Charm

Jesus Mary and Joseph


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