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St. Veronica
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St. Veronica


About Saint Veronica Saint 

Veronica, also known as Bernice, lived in Jerusalem during the first century.  Saint Veronica is the renowned woman who was on the road as Jesus suffered with the burden of the cross on the way to Golgotha.  Saint Veronica offered Jesus her veil so He could wipe His face.

 Jesus willingly accepted Veronica’s veil and wiped the blood and sweat from His face.  After handing the veil back to Saint Veronica, she noticed that the face of Jesus was imprinted upon her veil.

Saint Veronica 

Veil of Veronica

The veil of Veronica is not mentioned in any of the Gospels but devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus which appeared on the veil was instated in 1885 by Pope Leo XIII.  The feast of Saint Veronica and the feast of the Holy Face of Jesus are celebrated on the same day known as Shrove Tuesday which is the day before Ash Wednesday.

There are six known images of Saint Veronica’s Veil which are said to be the true veil or copies of the actual veil. 

  • V St. Peter’s Basilica – This veil is said to be the true Veil of Veronica and is located in the chapel on the south west pier.
  • V The Hofburg Palace, Vienna – a copy of Saint Veronica’s veil is located in the Schatzkammer of the Hofburg Palace.
  • V Monastery of the Holy Face, Spain – Pope Nicholas V received this veil in 1453.  A legend says that a tear fell from the Face of Jesus on the veil during a severe drought and then rain started falling.
  • V Jaen Cathedral, Spain – This copy of Saint Veronica’s Veil dates from the fourth century.  It is located in a shrine near the high altar.
  • V Holy Face of Genoa – This image is located in the simple Church of St. Bartholomew of the Armenians.  The veil was a gift to the city during the fourteenth century.
  • V Holy Face of S. Silvestro – This copy of the Veil of Veronica was in the Church of S. Silvestro in Rome but was moved to the Matilda Chapel of the Vatican in 1870.
    Saint Veronica Remembered

 Many people today wear a Saint Veronica medal or a Saint Veronica necklace in honor of this courageous woman who helped Jesus during His Passion.  Wearing a Saint Veronica pendant reminds Christians to be fearless in defending their faith and remaining steadfast to Jesus no matter what.



 St Veronica Medal and Pendant




St. Veronica






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