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St. Susanna
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St. Susanna

About Saint Susanna

Saint Susanna was the daughter of the Roman noble, Saint Gabinus.  Pope Caius was her uncle.  Saint Susanna was a devout Christian and promised herself that she would remain a virgin for Jesus Christ.
Diocletian’s son-in-law, Maximian wanted to marry Saint Susanna but she refused.  Her holiness was so evident that Claudius and Maximus, the messengers of Maximian were converted to Christianity.

Soon after, Saint Susanna’s belief in Christianity became publicly known.  She was tortured and beheaded while in her father’s home.  Diocletian’s wife buried Saint Susanna since she was a secret Christian.

Saint Susanna

The feast of Saint Susanna is celebrated on August 11.  Many Catholics wear a Saint Susanna charm or a Saint Susanna medal on this feast day in honor of this holy woman.

Saint Susanna Basilica

In 330 A.D., a basilica was built over the house of Saint Susanna’s father and the site of Susanna’s martyrdom.  Saint Susanna’s body was taken from the catacombs and buried at the new basilica.  In 590 A.D., Pope Gregory the Great named the basilica after Saint Susanna.

Patron Saint Susanna

Saint Susanna is the patron saint of martyrs.  She is usually depicted in artwork with a group of children and women who are holding palms in their hands.  The palms are a symbol of martyrdom.  She is also the patroness of girls and women named Susanna.

Many Catholics give a Saint Susanna medal or a Saint Susanna charm to the parents of a baby who is being named Susanne, Susan, or Susanna.  It is also traditional to give a Saint Susanna necklace as a Confirmation gift to a young lady taking the name of Susanna. St Susanna Medal Necklace

Prayer for Martyrs

Since Saint Susanna is the patron saint of martyrs the following prayer should be recited for all Christian martyrs.

Holy Martyrs and patrons, protect this land which you have blessed by the shedding of your blood.  Renew in these days our Catholic faith which you helped to establish in this new land.

Bring all our fellow citizens to a knowledge and love of the truth.  Make us zealous in the profession of our faith so that we may continue and perfect the work which you have begun with so much labor and suffering.

Pray for our homes, our school, our missions, for vocations, for the conversion of sinners, the return of those who have wandered from the fold, and the perseverance of all the Faithful.  And foster a deeper and increasing unity among all Christians.  Amen. 



Saint Susanna


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