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St. Sophia
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St. Sophia


About Saint Sophia

Saint Sophia lived in Italy during the time Hadrian reigned during the second century.  Saint Sophia was a wealthy woman who had three daughters that she named Faith, Hope, and Love.
Three Daughters of Saint Sophia

Hadrian heard of the three daughters of Saint Sophia and how they lived holy lives.  He sent for Faith, Hope, and Agape in the hopes of having them as his own.  Even at their young ages, they resisted the emperor and remained true to their faith.

 Saint Sophia

Pistis (Faith)

The emperor questioned Faith first.  She was twelve years old at the time.  Faith defied Hadrian, telling him that his persecution of Christians was despicable.  Hadrian was in a rage at Faith’s words and had her beaten and her breasts torn off.  Faith, the daughter of Saint Sophia, was tortured in many ways but the Lord protected her from the violence.  Hadrian eventually order Faith beheaded.  Saint Sophia told her daughter to accept her martyrdom which would lead her to Jesus Christ.

Elpis (Hope)

The next daughter of Saint Sophia was Hope.  She was ten years old when the emperor had his soldiers bring her to him.  Like her sister, Hope professed her Christian faith and denied Hadrian.  The emperor had Hope thrown into a fiery furnace but God protected her from the flames.  Many tortures were also afflicted upon Hope and she eventually died from a sword.  Once again, Saint Sophia told Hope to thank God as she died.

Agape (Love)

Love was the youngest of Saint Sophia’s daughters.  She was nine years old when she was brought before the angry emperor.  Love was hung by the neck in chains that broke her bones.  She remained steadfast in her faith and Hadrian had her thrown into a furnace.  An angel of the Lord saved her from the flames.  Like her sister, Love was beheaded.

Saint Sophia Rejoiced

Saint Sophia was happy to witness her daughters martyred for their faith.  She knew they were in Paradise with Jesus Christ.  Saint Sophia, although joyful at the thought of her daughters’ eternal joy, felt a mother’s sorrow and took her own life at their grave.

 Saint Sophia Revered

Saint Sophia is honored today for her willingness to sacrifice her daughters for Christ.  Many Christians wear a Saint Sophia medal or a Saint Sophia necklace in honor of this selfless mother.  Wearing a Saint Sophia pendant reminds all Christians to remain true to their faith no matter what the sacrifice because an eternal life of joy and peace awaits all true believers.




 St. Sophia Medal Necklace
Saint Sophia


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