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St. Perpetua
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St. Perpetua

About Saint Perpetua

Vibia Perpetua who became known as Saint Perpetua was martyred in the Carthage arena on March 7, 203.  She actually wrote about her passion only days before her death.  The writings of Saint Perpetua are the earliest seen by a Christian woman.  The St. Perpetua writings are entitled: The Passion of Saints Perpetua and Felicity 203

Saint Perpetua Martyr

Saint Perpetua was born into an anti-Christian, noble family.  She converted to Christianity and was eventually executed with her handmaid, Saint Felicitas who was also a Christian.

On the day of Saint Peretua’s martyrdom, she was led from her prison cell, along with other Christians who were to be killed.  All of these condemned Christians were joyful because they would be in Paradise with Jesus Christ soon.

 Saint Perpetua

The guards threw Saint Perpetua into the arena first.  She arose from the ground and looked around with confusion on her face because she had been so deeply involved in her prayers.  She saw Felicity lying on the ground and went to her friend, helping her up.  Saint Perpetua then said, “When are we going to be led to the beasts?”
Saint Perpetua did not realize that she had already been mauled by the wild animals until she looked down and saw the blood and gashes on her body.  The crowd jeered and yelled for the Christians to be slaughtered in the middle of the arena for all to see.
The group of Christians, including Saint Perpetua, went to the center of the amphitheater without being forced by the guards.  They kissed each other with the kiss of peace and all were beheaded for the love of Jesus Christ.

Saint Perpetua Remembered

Saint Perpetua is venerated by today’s Christians for her spiritualness and bravery when facing the wild beasts.  Her strength and courage are a witness to her love of Jesus, willing to die for her faith rather than reject the Lord.

Believers today wear a Saint Perpetua medal or a Saint Perpetua pendant as a reminder to remain steadfast in their faith.  Following the example of Saint Perpetua, Christians pray for the courage displayed by the early Christian martyrs, proclaiming their faith for all to hear.

 St. Perpetua Medal Pendant


Saint Perpetua


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