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St. Mary Magdalene
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St. Mary Magdalene


About Saint Mary Magdelene

Saint Mary Magdelene was a beloved follower of Jesus Christ.  She remained true to Him, even staying with Him at the foot of the Cross.  She was the first to see Jesus after the Resurrection and made the announcement to the Apostles that Jesus had risen from the dead.  Scripture state that Jesus loved Saint Mary Magdelene above all other women.

 Saint Mary Magdalene

Saint Mary Magdelene Penitent

Although Saint Mary Magdalene is known as “The Penitent”, the Church has changed its view of her.  After researching scripture, the Church has concluded that there is no mention of Mary Magdalene being a sinner.  Rather, she was a faithful follower of Jesus, along with the twelve Apostles.  There is even a Gospel According to Mary which she wrote after the death of Jesus.  In this book, Saint Mary Magdalene receives visions from Jesus which she relays to the Apostles.  This is one of the Gnostic gospels and is not recognized by the Catholic Church. 

Saint Mary Magdalene Born

Saint Mary Magdalene was born in a town called Magdala, north of Galilee.  Nothing is really known about her childhood.  References to Saint Mary Magdalene appear in the New Testament after she meets Jesus.  She stayed with Jesus throughout His crucifixion and at His tomb.

The Legend of Saint Mary Magdalene

It is said that fourteen years after the death of Jesus Christ, Saint Mary Magdalene was set out to sea without oars or sails by the Jews.  Also in the boat were St. Lazarus, St. Martha, St. Maximin, St. Sidonius, Sera, and St. Anne’s body.  The boat landed in Southern France.  Saint Mary Magdalene lived there in prayer and contemplation until she was seventy-two years old.  She ate only the Holy Eurcharist which was delivered by angels.  After her death, the body of Saint Mary Magdalene was miraculously moved to the St. Maximin chapel. 

Feast Day of St. Mary Magdalene

The feast day of St. Mary Magdalene is celebrated on July 22.  Many Catholics wear a Saint Mary Magdalene medal or a Saint Mary Magdalene necklace, praying for her intercession in their own lives.  They ask her to grant them the courage and faith that she displayed while Jesus was suffering a death of Crucifixion.  While other disciples fled in fear, Saint Mary Magdalene remained at the foot of the Cross.  She went to the tomb of Jesus to anoint His body and found He had risen. 

 Wearing a Saint Mary Magdalene charm is a reminder to remain true to Jesus Christ not matter what the circumstances.




 St. Mary Magdalene Medal Pendant



Saint Mary Magdalene


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