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St. Maria stein
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St. Maria stein

About St. Maria Stein
St. Maria Stein is not a person but actually refers to a miracle by the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1434. The name St. Maria Stein means “St. Mary in the Rock”. The Mariastein Abbey is located in Canton of Solothurn, Switzerland and it is the second most popular pilgrimage for Catholics in Switzerland. It has over 15,000 visitors every year. 
Many visitors wear a St. Maria Stein medal or a St. Maria Stein pendant when visiting the abbey because the smiling image of the Blessed Virgin offers them joy and consolation.
St Maria Stein Patron Saint 
Miracle of St. Maria Stein
Mariastein Abbey was erected by the Augustinian hermits of Basle in 1434 in the natural rock of a grotto after the Blessed Virgin saved a child. The legend says that a child fell over the edge of a high ledge into the valley when his mother fell asleep while tending cattle. When the child’s mother awoke, she went into the valley, expecting to see her child dead at the bottom. Instead, she found him picking flowers. The boy told his mother that a beautiful lady caught him and that the Lady wanted a chapel build in the cave. On this spot, the original chapel was erected.
St. Maria Stein Abbey Named
In 1648, the Benedictines relocated to the Mariastein Abbey and became very successful as a Benedictine community. The St. Maria Stein Abbey has been a member of the Swiss Congregation and the Benedictine Confederation since the seventeenth century.
Prayer to St. Maria Stein
This prayer to St. Maria Stein, also known as Our Lady of Consolation is for all mothers. Mothers recite the prayer to help them raise their children in the faith and to help keep them from harm. Many mothers wear a St. Maria Stein necklace or a St. Maria Stein charm to venerate the Blessed Virgin when she saved the child in Switzerland from certain death.
A Mother’s Prayer for Her Children
St. Maria Stein, Mother of Consolation, be with me now as I pray for my children. You, who bore the most perfect Child, know a mother’s concern for her children. You are the finest example of motherhood. Open your heart to my Prayer
I always try to act in a way which will help them to be better Christians. It is often difficult for me to know what is right. Mary, please guide me through my doubts. Help me to know what is right. Help me to direct and raise my children, not for my own satisfaction, but for the glory of God.
Oh Queen of Heaven, my children are so frail in this world. Help me to guide them to know and love Our Heavenly Father. It is through His will that I have these children. They are truly His gift.
At this time, Blessed Mother of Consolation, I place my children under your care and protection. I know you will help them just as you have helped me. Keep us in your love, always. Amen.
There are times, Blessed Mary, when I feel so confused. My love for my children always directs me to do those things each day which will be good for them.

St. Maria Stein Medal Pendant


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