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St. Julia Billiart and St. Julie Billiart
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St. Julia Billiart & St. Julie Billiart

About Saint Julie Billiart

  • Saint Julie Billiart, also known as Saint Julia Billiart was born on July 12, 1751 in Picardy, France.

  • By the time Saint Julie Billiart was seven years old, she had the catechism memorized. She used to have her friends recite it to her and would then explain the catechism to them.

  • Saint Julie Billiart attended school in the village. It was directed by her uncle, Thibault Guilbert.

  • Saint Julie Billiart was so adept with her religious studies that she was allowed to receive her First Communion and Confirmation by the time she was nine years old. When she was confirmed, she made a vow of chastity to the Lord.

 St Julie Patron Saint
  • When Saint Julie Billiart was twenty-two years old, an assassination attempt was made on her father. She suffered a nervous shock from the incident and was paralyzed. She became bedridden for the next twenty-two years.

  • Saint Julie Billiart offered her home as a refuge to priests who needed to hide during the French Revolution. Saint Julie was forced to go into hiding herself because she was helping the priests.

  • Saint Julie Billiart had a vision where she saw Jesus on the cross. He was surrounded by women dressed in religious habits. A voice told her that she would start schools for young girls and these women would be a new religious order she would begin. With the help of a rich benefactor, Saint Julie Billiart became the founder of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Mur.

  • Saint Julie Billiart was cured of her paralysis in 1805.

  • Saint Julie Billiart died in on April 8, 1816.

  • Pope Paul VI canonized Saint Julie Billiart in 1969. Her feast day is April 8.

Saint Julie Billiart and the Sisters of Notre Dame

Today, the Sisters of Notre Dame continue to teach in Catholic Schools around the world. Many Catholic school children wear a Saint Julie Billiart medal or a Saint Julie Billiart pendant in honor of this special saint who started Catholic education and the Sisters of Notre Dame.

St. Julia Billiart & St. Julie Billiart

St Julie Medal Pendant



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