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St. Joan of Arc
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St. Joan of Arc

Saint Joan of Arc Biography

  •   Saint Joan of Arc, also known as Jeanne d’Arc or la Pucelle, was born in Domremy, Champagne in 1412.  She died on May 30, 1431 in Rouen.
  •   Saint Joan of Arc’s father was a farmer who provided the basics for his family.
  •   Saint Joan of Arc was the youngest of five children and spent her days sewing and spinning.  She did not know how to read or write.
  •   Saint Joan of Arc prayed devoutly and cared for the poor.
 St Joan Arc Patron Saint
  •   When Joan was thirteen years of age in 1425, she began hearing voices that counseled her.  The manifestations began as only voices but eventually changed into bright light, as well.  Saint Joan of Arc recognized the blazing lights as St. Michael the archangel, St. Margaret, St. Catherine and other saints and angels.  When Saint Joan of Arc was on trial for her life, she told the judges, “I saw them with these very eyes, as well as I see you.”
  •   God gradually called Saint Joan of Arc on a mission of faith.  By the time May of 1428 arrived, Joan had no doubt of the mission God had chosen for her.  The voices of the saint and angels urged her to go to Robert Baudricourt who was a commander for King Charles VII.  Baudricourt scorned Joan and told her cousin, “Take her home to her father and give her a good whipping.”
  •   Saint Joan of Arc returned to Baudricourt in January of 1429 and persuaded him through her persistence.  Joan dressed in men’s clothing and slept in the camp with the other soldiers.
  •   Saint Joan of Arc went before King Charles VII and told him about the voices.  He had her examined by theologians but they found nothing heretical in her spiritual guidance.
  •   Saint Joan of Arc began preparing for the campaign.  She directed a search for an ancient sword buried behind the altar of Ste-Catherine-de-Fierbois Chapel.  She would carry this sword in battle. 
  •   Saint Joan of Arc made this prediction before entering the campaign, "that she would save Orleans and would compel the English to raise the siege, that she herself in a battle before Orleans would be wounded by a shaft but would not die of it, and that the King, in the course of the coming summer, would be crowned at Reims, together with other things which the King keeps secret."  All that she said came true.
  •   When Charles VII was crowned in July of 1429, Joan’s mission was accomplished and she wished to return home.  She was detained by the army to continue the fight against the English.
  •   Saint Joan of Arc and the army of King Charles were defeated at Duc d’Alencon and Joan was wounded.  This defeat hindered Joan’s credability.
  •   King Charles VII ennobled Joan and her family and gave them the name Du Lis.
  •   The voices continued, telling Saint Joan of Arc that she would be taken a prisoner.  While Joan was defending the town agains a Burgundian assault, she wall pulled from her horse and captured.
  •   King Charles VII and his army did nothing to rescue Joan but left her to her fate.  She was sold to the English who feared her supernatural visions.  They resolved to execute her for being a witch and a heretic.
  •   The Inquisition of Saint Joan of Arc ended on May 30, 1431.  Joan was sentenced to death for being a witch and heretic.
  •  As Joan was tied to the stake, she asked for a cross which she embraced.  It is said, “She declared that her voices came from God and had not deceived her.”  The ashes of Saint Joan of Arc were scattered in the Seine River.
  •  Saint Joan of Arc was canonized a saint by Pope Benedict XV in 1920.

Saint Joan of Arc Revered

Today, Catholics from around the world honor Saint Joan of Arc for her bravery and sacrifice.  They wear a Saint Joan of Arc medal or a Saint Joan of Arc pendant, praying that she help them remain strong and steadfast in the mission God has chosen for them.

St Joan Arc Medal Pendant 
St. Joan of Arc


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