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St. Jane of Valois
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St. Jane of Valois

Life of Saint Jane of Valois

Saint Jane, also known as Saint Jeanne, was born in 1464 to King Louis XI of France and his wife, Queen Charlotte of Savoy.  Her father hated Saint Jane from the moment of her birth because he had hoped for a son and also because the infant was sickly and deformed. 

Saint Jane Sent Away

Saint Jane was sent away by her parents to be raised by a nurse in a small cottage.  She was deprived of her parent’s wealth and lived with minimal life’s necessities.  Saint Jane was left in isolation and loneliness, turning to God for consolation. Saint Jane became devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary and she was enthralled by the Annunciation and Incarnation from the Angelus.

St Jane Patron Saint

Saint Jane Married

King Louis XI arranged a marriage of Saint Jane with Louis, the Duke of Orleans.  He was Saint Jane’s second cousin and heir to the throne.  Saint Jane suffered even more after she married Louis.  Her husband hated her and insulted Saint Jane in public in the most humiliating ways.

Saint Jane loved her husband, nonetheless, and tried to be a loving wife.  When her husband was disgraced and imprisoned, Saint Jane worked diligently to have him released. 

Saint Jane’s Marriage Annulled

In spite of Saint Jane’s faithfulness to her husband, he applied to Rome to have his marriage annulled after he was raised as king of France becoming Louis XII.  Saint Jane was humiliated in front of the entire country of France.

Saint Jane accepted her divorce in silence, remaining humble and imitating the Blessed Virgin.  She thanked God for giving her the freedom to serve the Blessed Mother as she always wanted to do.

Saint Jane Founded Religious Order

Saint Jane was named Duchess of Berry and went to Bourges to live.  She was always a merciful and caring Duchess, always keeping the needs of her subjects in mind.

In 1500, Saint Jane founded a religious order of penance and prayer.  It became known as the Order of the Annonciades whose chief purpose was to imitate the Blessed Virgin and all her virtues.  Saint Jane found happiness in her life through this new order.  She took the vows of the Annonciades and wore the habit under her clothing.

Saint Jane continued to pray for her husband in spite of all the suffering he caused her.  After her death, many miracles of healing were accredited to her.  The process of her canonization began in1614.

Saint Jane of Valois Remembered

Saint Jane of Valois is remembered by Catholics for her life of suffering and devotion to the Blessed Virgin.  They wear a Saint Jane medal or a Saint Jane pendant to venerate this saint who stayed true to the faith right up to her death. 

St Jane Medal Pendant


St. Jane of Valois


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