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St. Helen
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St. Helen

Saint Helen Biography

Saint Helen, also known as Saint Helena was one of the most influential women in history, although not much is known about her life. She was born in Turkey during the middle of the third century. Saint Helen’s father was Ambrose who worked as an inn keeper.

Saint Helen Marries

Saint Helen married Constantius I Chlorus. He was the only son of Constantine the Great. In 292, Constantius left Saint Helen to marry the step-daughter of Maximianus Herculius. Saint Helen, although disgraced, took no revenge against Constantius. When the divorce was final, Saint Helen moved to Trier where she converted to Christianity.

 St Helen Patron Sain

Saint Helen’s Son

Saint Helen had a son with Constantius I, named Constantine. Her son, a Christian, remained faithful to her throughout her life and he is most likely the reason she became a Christian. When Constantius died, Constantine became ruler and Saint Helen moved to the imperial court with him. Constantine gave Saint Helen the name of Augusta and ordered that all people should honor her.

Saint Helen Builds Churches

Saint Helen had churches built in Rome and Trier. She also traveled to Palestine and founded a church. Saint Helen followed the footsteps of Jesus and built two churches built, one in Bethlehem near where Jesus was born and the other on the Mount of the Ascension. While on this journey, it is said that Saint Helen found the One True Cross of Jesus.

Saint Helen visited churches all over the country and made large charitable contributions to all of them. She attended Mass in Rome with the rest of the congregation and helped with housework at a convent on Mount Sion. Saint Helen never let her role as Empress interfere with her Christian works and faith in Jesus Christ. Saint Helen is often painted in artwork with a cross and dressed as the Empress.

Saint Helen Dies

Saint Helen died in 330 A.D. and her feast day is on August 18. Many Catholics today celebrate the Feast of Saint Helen by praying for her intercessions in helping them keep the faith and wearing a Saint Helen medal or a Saint Helen necklace. The Saint Helen pendant is a reminder of how this important woman help spread Christianity throughout the world.

St Helen Medal Pendant


St. Helen


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