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St. Germain Cousin
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St. Germain Cousin

About Saint Germaine Cousin

  • Saint Germaine was born in 1579 in Pibrac, a small village a few miles from Toulouse.

  • Saint Germaine was born with scrofula, which is an infectious form of tuberculosis that causes infections on the skin and neck. She was also born with a deformed hand.

  • Saint Germaine lost her mother while still a baby and her father remarried shortly after.

  • Saint Germaine’s stepmother sent her away from home during the day to work as a shepherdess and at night she had to sleep in the stable.

  • Saint Germaine learned to be humble and patient because of the cruelty of her stepmother.

St Germaine Cousin Patron Saint
  • Spiritual thoughts gave Saint Germaine’s life joy and blessings.

  • Saint Germaine made her life even more difficult by giving herself mortifications, eating only bread and water.

  • Saint Germaine loved Jesus and the Eucharist and assisted at Mass, leaving her sheep to fend for themselves. No harm ever came to her flock.

  • Saint Germaine received Penance and Holy Communion regularly and said the Rosary faithfully. She would kneel whenever the Angelus bell rang.

  • Saint Germaine taught the village children about the love of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin.

  • The townspeople looked at Saint Germaine with wonderment because many times the waters of the river would part so she could cross without getting wet.

  • In spite of her own poverty, Saint Germaine shared her meager portion of bread with the poor.

  • Saint Germaine’s father finally asked her to come home but she begged to be able to keep up her austere life.

  • In 1601, Saint Germaine Cousin died in her bed of vines and twigs. She was only twenty-two years old.

  • Saint Germaine was buried in front of the pulpit in the village church. She was exhumed in 1644 and her body was miraculously preserved.

  • Many visitors to her burial place were cured of diseases. Over 400 miracles are credited to Saint Germaine Cousin.

  • In 1793, the casket of Saint Germaine was desecrated and moved. Lime was thrown on top of her with water.

  • Saint Germaine was canonized a saint on June 29, 1867.

  • The feast of Saint Germaine Cousin is June 15.

St Germaine Medal Pendant

Saint Germaine Cousin Venerated

Saint Germaine Cousin is venerated today by Catholics who pray for her courage to live faithful lives in spite of the hardships of life. They wear a Saint Germaine Cousin medal or a Saint Germaine Cousin necklace in her honor and as a reminder of her strength and courage.

St. Germaine Cousin


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