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St. Elizabeth of Hungary
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St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Biography of St. Elizabeth of Hungary
  •      Saint Elizabeth of Hungary is also known as Saint Elizabeth of Thuringia.  She was born in Hungary in 1207.  She was the daughter of King Andrew and Gertrude.
  •       Landgrave Hermann I of Thuringia sent an embassy to Hungary in 1211 in order to arrange the future marriage of his son, Hermann and Elizabeth.  At the time, she was only four years old.
  •       Saint Elizabeth of Hungary was taken from her family to Thuringia after the marriage arrangement to be raised by the family of her future husband.
  • V      In spite of her elegant surroundings, Saint Elizabeth of Hungary was a pious girl who was inclined toward prayer, religious observances, and self-mortification.

 St Elizabeth Hungary Patron saint
  •       Saint Elizabeth’s mother, Gertrude, was murdered in 1213 by nobles of Hungary.
  •       In 1216, Hermann, to whom Elizabeth was to be married, died.  Saint Elizabeth was then betrothed to Ludwig, the second son of Landgrave.
  •       Ludwig’s father died in 1217 and he inherited the throne.  Ludwig and Saint Elizabeth of Hungary were married the same year.
  •       Ludwig proved to be a faithful and devout husband, protecting her and praying with her.
  •      Ludwig and Saint Elizabeth had three children.
  •       While Ludwig was away visiting Italy, Saint Elizabeth took control of the empire.  Floods and famine ravaged the countryside and Elizabeth built a hospital, distributed her own clothing to the poor, visited the sick, and helped hundreds of poor every day.V      Ludwig died from illness on September 11, 1227.  Elizabeth did not hear of his death until after she delivered their third child in October.  Saint Elizabeth of Hungary cried, “The world with all its joys is now dead to me.”
  •       Saint Elizabeth helped the Franciscans build a monastery in Eisenach in 1225.  Elizabeth desired to live according to the Franciscan life of poverty but her position prevented her from doing so.
  •       Saint Elizabeth of Hungary was driven out of Wartburg in 1227 by her brother-in-law.
  •       In 1228, Elizabeth renounced her worldly possessions and entered the Third Order of St. Francis.  She built a Franciscan hospital and devoted herself to the sick.
  •       Conrad of Marburg ordered many self-mortifications and spiritual renunciations on Saint Elizabeth but she lost herself in her work with the sick and the poor.
  •       Saint Elizabeth of Hungary died at only twenty-four years old.
  •       Miracles of healing the sick began happening at the grave of Saint Elizabeth and the investigations of canonization began.
  •       Gregory IX celebrated the canonization of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary in 1235.
Many Catholics today wear a Saint Elizabeth of Hungary medal to honor “the greatest woman of the German middle ages.”  She is an inspiration to all Catholic women and wearing a Saint Elizabeth of Hungary necklace is a reminder to continue the charitable acts of Saint Elizabeth into present day.
St Elizabeth Hungary Medal Pendant

St. Elizabeth of Hungary


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