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St. Dymphna
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St. Dymphna

About Saint Dymphna

Saint Dymphna lived during the 7th century in Ireland.  Her father was a pagan Irish chieftan while her mother was a Christian.  When Saint Dymphna was fourteen, her mother died.  Saint Dymphna’s father was grief stricken but searched everywhere for a new wife.  When he was unsuccessful in finding a wife, he began to make sexual advances toward his daughter, Dymphna.

Saint Dymphna Flees to Belgium

Saint Dymphna fled to Begium with a priest, St. Gerebernus.  She stayed at a chapel near Gheel.  Her father found Saint Dymphna, killed St. Gerebernus and ordered the girl to return with him to Ireland.  Saint Dymphna refused and her father enraged, beheaded her.

St Dymphna Patron Saint
Patron Saint Dymphna

Many Christians today pray for the intercession of Saint Dymphna, especially those who have Saint Dymphna as a patroness:

  •      Mental health
  •     Alzheimer’s Disease
  •     Sleepwalking
  •      Epilepsy
  •      Possessed people
  •      Princesses
  •      For family happiness

Wearing a Saint Dymphna medal or a Saint Dymphna pendant offers Christians the strength to face their afflictions and gain the protection of Saint Dymphna. 

Christians who have a family member suffering from Alzheimer’s disease often wear a Saint Dymphna medal, praying to the saint to relieve their suffering and the suffering of their loved one.

Saint Dymphna Prayer for Alzheimer’s Disease

We turn to you, dear St. Dymphna, in confident hope that you will remember our special intention in the Presence of the Lord our God. To your caring intercession, we entrust those who suffer from Alzheimer's disease, their families and friends, and all others who are seriously concerned about this disabling sickness so widespread in our time.

As patron of the nervous and emotionally disturbed, you are graciously channeling God's healing power even to the seemingly hopeless cases. We believe that you will show the same compassion to persons afflicted with Alzheimer's disease. Please pray with us that the medical teams involved in research may soon discover its cause and cure.

Dear St. Dymphna, now in heaven with God where there is "...no more death, no more grief or crying or pain.." (Rev. 21:4), you are our sign and beacon of hope. Be our direct channel to Jesus, the Divine Physician, and Healer of the Sick. With you, His faithful follower, we give thanks for all those who will regain health and wholeness in body, mind, and spirit. Amen.

St Dymphna Medal Pendant 

St. Dymphna


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