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St. Christina the Astonishing
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St. Christina the Astonishing

Saint Christina the Astonishing

Saint Christiana the Astonishing was born into a poor family in Belgium in 1150.  She became an orphan when she was fifteen years old.  At the age of twenty-one, Saint Christina experienced a massive seizure which left her barely breathing, in fact, she was thought to be dead.

A funeral was held for Saint Christina by the townspeople.  During the funeral, she awoke as if nothing had happened.  The people of St. Trond were amazed.  Saint Christina then told the townspeople what she experienced during her time in a coma.

St Christrina the Astonishing Patron Saint

Saint Christina’s Visions

In the words of Saint Christina, "As soon as my soul was separated from my body it was received by angels who conducted it to a very gloomy place, entirely filled with souls" where the torments there that they endured "appeared so excessive" that it was "impossible to give an idea of their rigor…I saw among them many of my acquaintances".

Saint Christina was transported to Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory.  God spoke to Saint Christina saying, " Assuredly, My dear daughter, you will one day be with Me. Now, however, I allow you to choose, either to remain with Me henceforth from this time, or to return again to earth to accomplish a mission of charity and suffering. In order to deliver from the flames of Purgatory those souls which have inspired you with so much compassion, you shall suffer for them upon earth: you shall endure great torments, without however dying from their effects. And not only will you relieve the departed, but the example which you will give to the living, and your continual suffering, will lead sinners to be converted and to expiate their crimes. After having ended this new life, you shall return here laden with merits."

Saint Christina’s Decision

Saint Christina decided to return to her life and made penance for the souls she saw in Purgatory.  She continued to do the penances for the rest of her life.  She gave up all earthly comforts, lived in destitution with no home, and looked for ways to torture herself.

  •       Threw herself into burning furnaces
  •       Jumped into freezing water and stayed there for hours
  •       Hopped on one leg
  •       Jumped into raging river currents
  •       Allowed dogs to chase her and tear her flesh
  •       Ran into thickets of thorns

Although Saint Christina suffered the anguish of all these self-inflicted tortures, she never received any wounds from them.  She died in 1224 at the age of seventy-four.

Saint Christina Patron Saint

Saint Christina is the patron saint of insanity, mental disorders, and psychiatrists.  The Saint Christina medal is often given to Christians who suffer from mental disorders or depression as a symbol that Jesus is with them, just as he was with Saint Christina, keeping her safe from harm.

 St Christina Medal Pendant

St. Christina the Astonishing


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