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St. Catherine of Siena
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St. Catherine of Siena

St. Catherine of Siena Life

St. Catherine of Siena, born to Lapa Piagenti and Giacomo di Benincasa on March 25, 1347 and was the youngest of twenty-five children.  She was a native of Siena, Italy and became a member of the Dominican Tertiaries. 

St. Catherine of Siena Visions

St. Catherine of Siena began receiving messages from Jesus in 1366.  She referred to these messages as her ‘Mystical Marriage’ with Jesus.  Jesus told St. Catherine to denounce her secluded life and to go out to the people.  This is exactly what she did, dedicating her life to helping the sick, downtrodden, and poor. 

 St Catherine Siena Patron Saint
St. Catherine of Siena Accused of Heresy

St. Catherine of Siena performed so many charitable works that a group of men and women began to follow her.  In 1374, the Dominican Order heard about her followers and demanded that she go to Florence to be interrogated about her accused acts of heresy.  After the interrogation, the Dominicans determined that St. Catherine was not a heretic and allowed her to continue her work.

St. Catherine of Siena Evangelizes

St. Catherine of Siena began traveling throughout northern and central Italy preaching about church reform and repentance for sins.  She preached that Christians could receive forgiveness and renewal through “the total love for God.”

St. Catherine of Siena Spreads Her Words

St. Catherine of Siena not only traveled to spread her teachings but wrote letters to her followers.  This increased her listeners to include people in authority.  In her letters, she pleaded for peace between the church and state of Italy.  She asked that the papacy be returned to Rome from Avignon and she wrote directly to Pope Gregory XI for clergy reform.

St. Catherine of Siena Ambassador of Florence

In 1376, St. Catherine became the Ambassador of Florence and traveled to Avignon to attempt to make peace with the Papal States.  She was not successful in her pursuit but she did convince the pope to return to Rome.  After the death of Pope Gregory XI, St. Catherine moved to Rome as an advocate of Pope Urban VI.  She remained in Rome until her death in 1380.

St. Catherine of Siena Today

St. Catherine of Siena is remembered by Christians today, especially women.  One third of St. Catherine’s three hundred letters were addressed to women.  Catholic women often wear a St. Catherine of Siena medal, St. Catherine of Siena charm, or a St. Catherine of Siena necklace in her honor.  St. Catherine is still considered a woman of courage and fortitude, remaining fervent in her quest to reform the clergy.

St Catherine Siena Medal Pendant 

St. Catherine of Siena


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