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St. Barbara
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St. Barbara

Saint Barbara – Virgin and Martyr

Saint Barbara was the daughter of Dioscorus, a rich pagan, living during the fourth century.  He locked Saint Barbara in a tower to keep her from being influenced by the outside world.  Dioscorus did not know that Saint Barbara had secretly converted to Christianity.

Before leaving on a trip, Dioscorus had a private bath erected near her tower for Saint Barbara to use.  She had three windows put in the new bath which depicted the Trinity.  When her father returned from his trip, Saint Barbara admitted to him that she was a Christian.  Dioscorus raised his sword to kill her.

Miracle of Saint Barbara

When Dioscorus was about to kill Saint Barbara, the three windows of her bath opened and she was miraculously transported to the mountains.  Her father pursued her and came upon two shepherds.  The first shepherd refused to tell Dioscorus any information but the second shepherd told where Saint Barbara had gone.  The second shepherd was turned to stone and his flock was transformed into locusts.

St Barbara Patron Saint
Saint Barbara Captured

Saint Barbara was captured and brought before the prefect, Martinianus.  He had her tortured but she remained true to Christianity.  Each night in prison, her wounds were cured.  When her tormentors lit torches to burn her, the flames went out when they approached her.  Martinianus eventually condemned her to be beheaded.  Dioscorus carried out the death sentence on Dec. 4, 306, beheading his daughter.  He was struck by lighning on the way home and his body burned up.

Saint Barbara Patron Saint

Saint Barbara is the Patron Saint of:

  •       Artillerymen
  •       Military engineers
  •       Miners
  •       Explosive workers
  •       Mathemeticians
  •       People afraid of lightning
  •       Masons

Giving a Saint Barbara medal to Christians who work in one of these professions is a traditional practice.  The Saint Barbara pendant is worn in honor of the martyrdom of St. Barbara and as protection against violent death by fire, explosives, or lightning.

St Barbara Medal Pendant

St. Barbara


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