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St. Ann - St. Anne
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St. Ann - St. Anne

About Saint Anne

Saint Anne was the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Other derivatives of her name are:  Hanna, Ann, and Anna.  She was married to the Blessed Virgin’s father, St. Joachim.

According to the Protoevangelium, Joachim and Hanna (Anne) were a rich couple that lived in Nazareth.  They did not have any children.  One day, Joachim went to offer a sacrifice in the temple and was turned away by Ruben.  Ruben told Joachim that he was not worthy to enter the temple because he had no children.  Joachim was distraught and went into the mountains to plead to God for children.

When Hanna heard that Joachim was turned away from the temple, she also pleaded with God to make her fertile.   She promised to dedicate her child to God if only she became pregnant.

St Anne Patron Saint

The Prayers of Hanna and Joachim Are Answered

An angel appeared to Hanna saying, "Hannah, the Lord has looked upon thy tears; thou shalt conceive and give birth and the fruit of thy womb shall be blessed by all the world".  The angel also appeared to Joachim to tell him of the promise.  Hanna became pregnant and gave birth to a child.  They named the baby Miriam (Mary).

Saint Anne Patron Saint

Saint Anne is the patron saint of:

  •     Women in labor – Saint Anne is often depicted with Mary in her lap who is carrying Jesus in her arms, as seen in this picture of Saint Ann.
  •     Miners - Saint Anne was named the patron saint of miners because Christ is compared to gold and Mary is compared to silver.
  •     Housewives
  •     Grandmothers
  •     Cabinet makers

Many pregnant women, housewives, and grandmothers wear a Saint Ann medal, praying to her for the strength and courage to be loving Christian mothers and grandmothers.  They pray to Saint Anne for the knowledge to make the right choices when raising their families.  Wearing a Saint Anne necklace reminds them of what a Christian mother should be each time they look at the image of St. Ann.

 St Anne Medal Pendant

St. Ann - St. Anne


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