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St. Angela Merici
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St. Angela Merici

About St. Angela Merici

When St. Angela Merici was fifty-six years old, Pope Clement VII asked her to be the superior for an order of nuns who nursed the sick.  St. Angela Merici refused the pope’s request, saying that nursing was not her calling.

St. Angela Merici Struck Blind

Just before Pope Clement VII had asked St. Angela Merici to become the head of the nursing order of nuns, she traveled to the Holy Land.  On her way there, she became gravely ill and was stricken with blindness.  She remained steadfast in her resolve to visit the land where Jesus traveled and continued her pilgrimage in spite of her blindness.  Miraculously, St. Angela Merici regained her vision on the return trip home.  She vowed to always keep her eyes open to the calling of Jesus which is why she refused the honor of the pope’s request.

St Angela Merci Patron Saint
St. Angela Merici Returns Home

When St. Angela returned to her home, she looked around her with new eyes.  She lived during a time when girls were uneducated, leaving them with no hope for their future.  St. Angela Merici lived during the sixteenth century when education was only for wealthy girls or those studying to enter the convent.  Even the educated nuns couldn’t teach the girls because there were no teaching orders at the time.

St. Angela Merici Starts Teaching

St. Angela Merici decided to take matters into her own hands and recruited fellow educated, single women to go out and ask all the girls they saw if they would like to be educated.  The volunteer women had no money but gave their time to educate and pray with the girls.  The educating of the poor girls by St. Angela Merici and the other women was so successful that she was asked to do the same thing in other areas of the country.

Angela’s Company of Saint Ursula

St. Angela Merici’s group of teaching women became known as Angela’s Company of Saint Ursula.  The pope eventually made this the first teaching order of nuns known as the Ursulines.

Even today, many young girls wear a St. Angela Merici charm or St. Angela Merici necklace to remind them of all that St. Angela did to bring faith and education to poor girls.  Giving a St. Angela Merici medal to a girl entering school for the first time or even a girl going on to college is gives them the inspiration to pursue their goals by the example of St. Angela Merici.

St. Angela Merici Dies

The women who taught with St. Angela Merici were in fear of her death.  They thought that they would not be able to carry on the work of St. Angela without her.  St. Angela Merici reassured them saying, "I shall continue to be more alive than I was in this life, and I shall see you better and shall love more the good deeds which I shall see you doing continually, and I shall be able to help you more."

St. Angela Merici died at the age of seventy in the year 1540.

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St. Angela Merici


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