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St. Alice
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St. Alice

Saint Alice Patron Saint of the Blind and Paralyzed

Saint Alice lived from 1204 to 1250 in Schaerbeek, Brussels. She entered Camera Sanctae Mariae, a Cistercian Convent when she was seven years old. She lived at the convent for her entire life. Saint Alice lived a humble, spiritual existence.

Saint Alice Contracts Leprosy

Sadly, Saint Alice contracted leprosy at a young age. She had to be put in isolation, separated from the other members of the convent. Saint Alice suffered both physically and emotionally from this devastating disease.

Eventually, the ravages of leprosy left Saint Alice blind and paralyzed. The only thing that consoled her was receiving the Holy Eucharist. She was not allowed to drink the wine for fear of spreading the leprosy.

Jesus Christ Appears to Saint Alice

Saint Alice received a vision of Jesus, letting her know that He was with her in both body and blood. She had many visions during her life and Pope Pius X approved devotion to Saint Alice in 1907.


Saint Alice Strengthens Those Suffering Today

Saint Alice was named the Patron Saint of the Blind and Paralyzed because of the suffering she had to endure during her life. She continues to give courage and inspiration to those people suffering with disease, blindness, and paralysis to this day. Giving a Saint Alice medal or a Saint Alice pendant to a loved one who is suffering from afflictions is a wonderful way to offer them through Saint Alice’s example, the strength to endure and be consoled in the faith of Jesus Christ.

Just as Saint Alice was consoled by Jesus Christ, so too will Christians who feel helpless and hurt in either body or soul will be consoled with the image of Saint Alice on a Saint Alice medallion, knowing that Jesus remained with Saint Alice during her tribulations and He will remain close to them, as well.

 St Alice Medal Pendant

St. Alice


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