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St. Zachary
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St. Zachary

 About Saint Zachary

V Not much information is recorded about the early life of Saint Zachary.  What is known is that Saint Zachary was a native of Greece and lived during the eighth century.  He was a Benedictine monk, a cardinal, and then the pope.

V Saint Zachary began his papacy on December 10, 741 and ended his papacy on March 22, 752.

V Saint Zachary was an effective peacekeeper, negotiating with Liutprand to stop an attack he had planned.  Liutprand signed a twenty-year treaty with Saint Zachary.

Saint Zachary Pendant
V Saint Zachary also cared for the needy, building houses for those who couldn’t afford it and for travelers.

V Saint Zachary is also known for buying the slaves from a businessman who was about to sell them into a cruel life.  Saint Zachary set the slaves free after he bought them.

V Saint Zachary built the Santa Maria Church over an ancient pagan temple to the goddess Minerva in an attempt to bring Christianity to Rome.

V Saint Zachary died on March 14, 752.  He was buried in St. Peter’s.

Many Catholics pray to Saint Zachary, asking his intercession in giving strength, faith, and courage to their pope today.  They wear a Saint Zachary medal or a Saint Zachary pendant as a reminder to remain true to their Catholic faith and treat all people with kindness and dignity.

It is also traditional to give a Saint Zachary medal to a baby boy who is being baptized with the name of Zachary or a young man who takes Zachary as a Confirmation name.

Saint Zachary Medal


Prayer to Saint Zachary
Dear Saint Zachary, we pray that you will intercede for our dear Pope, Benedict XVI. Like you, he is a gentle and wise soul and we are so thankful for this holy Vicar of Christ. Please pray for him, Saint Zachary, that the Lord will protect him and that he will have a long and healthy life. In Jesus’ Name we pray.  Amen.



Saint Zachary




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