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St. Stanislaus
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St. Stanislaus

 About Saint Stanislaus the Martyr
  • Saint Stanislaus, also known as Saint Stanislaw Szczepanowski or Saint Stanislaus of Szcezepanow was born on July 26, 1030 in Poland.  He was the only son of Wielislaw and Bogna.
  • Saint Stanislaus attended the Gniezno School and later was educated in Paris and Belgium.  He was ordained a priest after his education by the Bishop of Krakow.
  • When the Bishop of Krakow died, Saint Stanislaus took his place as bishop.  While in the office as bishop, Saint Stanislaus brought delegates of the pope to Poland and founded Benedictine monasteries to help convert Polish people to Christianity.

 Saint Stanislaus

  • Saint Stanislaus began having disputes with King Boleslaw of Poland, mostly over land.  The previous bishop, Piotre, bought the land but his family took it after his death.  The king ruled in favor of the family.  Saint Stanislaus went to Piotre’s grave, exhuming the body.  He told the dead bishop to rise and miraculously, he did.  The dead man went to the king and explained the situation with the land.  The king then gave the land to Saint Stanislaus.
  • Another disagreement between Saint Stanislaus and the king came about when the king had the wives of his soldiers brutally punished for their infidelity.  Saint Stanislaus excommunicated the king and chastised him for his own immoral acts.
  • Saint Stanislaus was martyred by the king.  His body was cut into pieces and thrown into a pool of water.  While four eagles guarded the pool, the body of Saint Stanislaus came back together.  The martyrdom of Saint Stanislaus caused the dethronement of the king.
  • Saint Stanislaus was canonized a saint on September 17, 1253 by Pope Innocent IV.
  • The feast of Saint Stanislaus is celebrated on April 11 and May 7.

Saint Stanislaus Today

Saint Stanislaus is remembered by Catholics today for his part in bringing Christianity to Poland.  Many Catholics, especially Polish Catholics wear a Saint Stanislaus medal or a Saint Stanislaus charm in honor of the Stanislaus patron saint of Poland.

 Saint Stanislaus Medal Necklace



Saint Stanislaus


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