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St. Patrick
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St. Patrick


Saint Patrick Biography

Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was born in Kilpatrick, Scotland in 387 A.D.  His parents were Calphurnius and Conchessa, who were part of a noble Roman family.
Saint Patrick Kidnapped

When Saint Patrick was sixteen years old, he was captured by Irish marauders and sold to Milchu in the county of Antrim, Ireland.  Saint Patrick worked as a slave, tending the flocks in Ballymena.  As he tended the sheep, he prayed and his faith increased.  Saint Patrick said hundreds of prayers each day.

 Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick Escaped

After six years as a slave, an angel appeared to Saint Patrick and told him that he should escape.  Saint Patrick ran from his abusive master and traveled two hundred miles to Westport.  He found a ship that was ready to sail and was allowed onboard.  When he arrived back home in Britain, he devoted himself to God and his spiritual ministry.  He studied with St. Germain and was ordained a priest.

Saint Patrick Missionary

Saint Patrick was sent to Britain to bring Christianity to the pagan Pelagius and to fight against heresy.  The entire time he was converting the British pagans, his heart was thinking about Ireland.
Saint Patrick Returned to Erin

In 433 A.D., Saint Patrick returned to Ireland to begin his mission.  He was met by hostile Druids at Wicklow Head.  Saint Patrick looked for a friendlier region.  As he traveled through Ireland, monasteries were founded in his name and miracles were credited to him.  When his old slave master heard of the approach of Saint Patrick, he burned his mansion and threw himself into the fire.  He could not bear the thought of being overruled by a former slave.

Saint Patrick eventually banished paganism from Ireland.  He wrote a beautiful prayer called St. Patrick’s Breast Plate to celebrate his victory over Paganism.

Saint Patrick in Munster

Saint Patrick brought Christianity to Ulster and moved on to Munster.  He baptized the King of Munster and his son, Prince Aengus.  The people of Munster heard tales about the miracles of Saint Patrick and welcomed him with open arms.
Saint Patrick founded many cells and churches during his seven years in Munster.  When it came time for him to leave Munster, he wrote a special blessing for his faithful followers.  It is said he gave the blessing from the hills of Tipperary as a farewell.

Saint Patrick Blessing

A blessing on the Munster people —
Men, youths, and women;
A blessing on the land
That yields them fruit.

A blessing on every treasure
That shall be produced on their plains,
Without any one being in want of help,
God's blessing be on Munster.

A blessing on their peaks,
On their bare flagstones,
A blessing on their glens,
A blessing on their ridges.

Like the sand of the sea under ships,
Be the number in their hearths;
On slopes, on plains,
On mountains, on hills, a blessing.

Saint Patrick continues visiting and watching over his churches in Ireland until his death in 493 A.D.

Today, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17, especially by the Irish people.  They wear a Saint Patrick medal, a Saint Patrick charm, or a Saint Patrick pendant in honor of this saint who brought Christianity to Ireland.

 St. Patrick Medal Pendant



Saint Patrick


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