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St. Matthew the Apostle
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St. Matthew the Apostle


About Saint Matthew

Saint Matthew is known by two different titles in Christianity:

  • Saint Matthew the Evangelist – this title refers to the Saint Matthew Gospel in which he writes about the life of Jesus Christ.
  • Saint Matthew the Apostle – this title refers to Saint Matthew and his life as one of Christ’s twelve Apostles.
Saint Matthew

St.  Matthew Facts

  • Born in Palestine during the first century
  • The son of Alpheus and a Galilean
  • Tax collector for Herod Antipas and despised by the people
  • The calling of St. Matthew by Jesus changed his life
  • Witnessed the Resurrection and the Ascension of Jesus
  • Proclaimed that Jesus of Nazareth was the awaited Messiah for 15 years.
  • Preached the Gospel in Palestine, Ethiopia, Macedonia, Syria, Persia, and Parthia.
  • The Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church believe Saint Matthew died a martyr’s death.
  • Canonized a saint pre-congregation and the feast of Saint Matthew is celebrated on September 21 in Western Christianity and November 16 in Eastern Christianity.

Saint Matthew Commemorated

Saint Matthew is commemorated in most Christian Churches:

  • Roman Catholic
  • Eastern Orthodox
  • Eastern Catholic
  • Anglican Communion
  • Lutheran

Christians venerate Saint Matthew by reciting prayers to St. Matthew and wearing a Saint Matthew medal or a Saint Matthew pendant.  Wearing the Saint Matthew necklace reminds Christians to spread the teachings of Jesus Christ to all people and live by His example.

Many Christians, who wear a Saint Matthew medal, also recite the following prayer to give them the strength and fortitude to carry on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

 Saint Matthew Prayer

O Glorious Saint Matthew, in your Gospel you portray Jesus as the longed-for Messiah who fulfilled the Prophets of the Old Covenant and as the new Lawgiver who founded a Church of the New Covenant. Obtain for us the grace to see Jesus living in his Church and to follow his teachings in our lives on earth so that we may live forever with him in heaven. Amen.

 St. Matthew Medal Pendant



Saint Matthew the Apostle


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