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St. Martin de Porres
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St. Martin de Porres


Life of St. Martin Porres

  • Saint Martin was born in Lima, Peru on December 9, 1579.  His father was a nobleman and his mother was once a slave.  Saint Martin was illegitimate.
  • Saint Martin’s sister was named Juana.  She was two years younger than he was.
  • Saint Martin’s mother had no way of supporting the children so; Saint Martin was sent to primary school for two years.  He was then an apprentice to a man who was both a barber and a surgeon in the hopes that Saint Martin would learn enough to be in the medical field.
Saint Martin de Porres
  • Saint Martin flogged himself three times every night as a punishment for his own sins and the sins of others.
  • When Saint Martin was fifteen, he entered the Dominican Convent of the Rosary in Lima.  He began his service as a servant because the Dominicans had racial limits for admission to the Order.  Saint Martin began to make miraculous cures and he was allowed to enter the Dominican Order even though he was black.
  • At twenty-four years of age, Saint Martin became a Coadjutor Brother and assigned to work in the infirmary.  He remained at this position until he died on November 3, 1639.

Patron Saint Martin de Porres
Saint Martin is the patron saint of:

  • Diocese of Biloxi, Mississippi
  • Black people
  • Hair stylists
  • Innkeepers
  • Mixed race people
  • Peru
  • The poor
  • Public education
  • Public health
  • Public schools
  • Race relations
  • Social justice
  • State schools
  • Television
  • Mexico
  • Peruvian Naval Aviators

Many Christians who have Saint Martin de Porres as a patron saint wear a Saint Martin medal or a Saint Martin pendant in his honor.  They pray to live a life of charity, compassion, and tolerance just as Saint Martin did every day of his life.  Wearing a Saint Martin necklace is a reminder to love all people as Jesus would and to accept them as children of God.

 St. Martin de Porres Medal Pendant



Saint Martin de Porres


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