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St. John the Baptist
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St. John the Baptist

About Saint John the Baptist

Saint John the Baptist was the cousin of Jesus.  He was a prophet who preached repentance and prepared the people of Jerusalem for the coming of Jesus Christ.  He lived in the desert, eating locusts and wild honey.

Saint John the Baptist baptized Jesus and then told his disciples to follow Christ.  Eventually, King Herod imprisoned Saint John the Baptist and beheaded him in 30 A.D.  His head was brought to Salome on a platter and it is said that Herodias kept the St. John the Baptist head, stabbing the tongue for what St. John had preached.

 St John Baptist Patron Saint

Patron Saint John the Baptist

Saint John the Baptist is the patron saint of multiple causes and countries:

  •   Convulsions
  •   Epilepsy
  •   Hail
  •   Spasms
  •   Albera Ligure, Italy
  •   Alice bel Colle, Italy
  •   Badiangan, Phillipines
  •   Baptism
  •   Bird dealers
  •   Bistagno, Italy
  •   Bonavigo, Italy
  •   Borgia, Italy
  •   Brenzone, Italy
  •   Camerano, Italy
  •   Campobello di Licata, Italy
  •   Caprese Michelangelo, Italy
  •   Ceccano, Italy
  •   Cenadi, Italy
  •   Cesena, Italy
  •   Charleston, South Carolina
  •   Ciutadella, Menorca, Spain
  •   Colletorto, Italy
  •   Converts
  •   Convulsive children
  •   Cortale, Italy
  •   Cutters
  •   Dagupan City, Philippines
  •   Dodge City, Kansas
  •   Epileptics
  •   Fabriano, Italy
  •   Faicchio, Italy
  •   Farriers
  •   French Canadians
  •   Furstenberg, Germany
  •   Garbagna, Italy
  •   Genoa, Italy
  •   Gizzeria, Italy
  •   Gressoney-Saint-Jean, Italy
  •   Igbaras, Philippines
  •   Jordan
  •   Kalibo, Philippines

  •   Knights Hospitaller
  •   Knights of Malta
  •   Lambs
  •   Leioa, Spain
  •   Macau, China
  •   Maltese Knights
  •   Monastic life
  •   Monte San Giovanni Campano, Italy
  •   Monza, Italy
  •   Motorways
  •   Palermo, sicily
  •   Paterson, New Jersey
  •   Penzance, England
  •   Poggio Bustone, Italy
  •   Portland, Maine
  •   Pozzallo, Sicily
  •   Printers
  •   Puerto Rico
  •   Pula, Italy
  •   Quebec, Canada
  •   Racconigi, Italy
  •   Ragusa, Sicily
  •   Saint-Jean-le-Blanc, France
  •   San Juan Indian Pueblo
  •   San Juan, Puerto Rico
  •   San Juan Chamula, Mexico
  •   San Juan Cosala, Mexico
  •   San Juan Tecomatlan, Mexico
  •   Sassano, Italy
  •   Savannah, Georgia
  •   Tailors
  •   Teising, Germany
  •   Torino, Italy
  •   Umbria, Italy
  •   Xewkija, Gozo, Malta
  •   Wenden, Germany
  •   Wenings, Germany
  •   Wroclaw, Poland

Roman Catholics today wear a Saint John the Baptist medal or a

Saint John the Baptist necklace in veneration of Jesus’ cousin. 

They pray for his intercession for a strong faith and the courage to

spread the words of Jesus to all people.

St John Baptist Medal Pendant
St. John Baptist de la Salle


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