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St. Hubert of Liege
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St. Hubert of Liege

The Legend of Saint Hubert

In 682 A.D., Saint Hubert married the daughter of Dagobert, the Count of Leuven.  Her name was Floribanne.  Saint Hubert became devastated when Floribanne died in childbirth.  Saint Hubert’s infant son, Floribert, survived and went on to become the Bishop of Liege.

After the death of his wife, Saint Hubert went to the forest and dedicated himself to hunting.  He came across a large stag.  As the stag turned toward him, Saint Hubert was aghast to see a crucifix standing between the stag’s antlers. 

Saint Hubert then heard a voice speaking to him, “Hubert, unless thou turnest to the Lord, and leadest a holy life, thou shalt quickly go down to hell.” 

Saint Hubert alit from his horse and lay on the ground.  He responded, “Lord, what wouldst Thou have me do?” 

God replied, “Go and seek Lambert and he will instruct you.”

Saint Hubert went to Bishop Lambert who became his teacher in spiritual ways.  Saint Hubert gave up his worldly belongings and made a pilgrimage to Rome.  While he was away, Bishop Lambert was murdered and the pope named Saint Hubert, Bishop of Maastricht.

St Hubert Patron Saint 

Saint Hubert Patron Saint

Saint Hubert is venerated as the patron saint of hunters because of his love of the chase and his vision of the stag.  He is also patron of archers, dogs, forest workers, Liege, Belgium, mathematicians, metal workers, smelters, and trappers.

Many hunters wear a Saint Hubert medal or a Saint Hubert pendant when they go out on a hunt.  They pray to Saint Hubert to keep them safe from harm while they are hunting.  The family members of hunters and forestry workers give them a Saint Hubert medal, praying for their safe return from the hunt or their day’s work.

It is also common practice for hunters to request a blessing from Saint Hubert for the game they will bring home for their family’s table.

St Hubert Medal Pendant

St. Hubert of Liege


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