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St. Fiacre
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St. Fiacre

About Saint Fiacre

Saint Fiacre, also known as Fevre, Fiachrach, Fiacrius, and Fiaker was born in Ireland and raised in an Irish monastery during the seventh century.  While living in the Saint Syra of Troyes monastery, Saint Fiacre studied the medicinal purposes of herbs.  His knowledge of the healing powers of herbs caused a large number of people to follow him.

Saint Fiacre Travels to France

Saint Fiacre yearned for solitude, so he fled the Irish monastery and went to Meaux, France in 628.  He lived in a cave and asked Bishop Saint Faro of Meaux for land to establish a hermitage and a garden for growing his medicinal herbs.  The bishop told him that he could have all the land he could cultivate in one day.

Saint Fiacre Miracle

Saint Fiacre took his spade and dragged it along the ground behind him.  Wherever his spade touched the ground, the trees fell, roots were uprooted, and the soil was loosened.  The bishop recognized the miracle of Saint Fiacre and gave him the lands he had cultivated.  From that time forward, Christian pilgrims came from all over the world to visit Saint Fiacre’s land.

Saint Fiacre’s Healing Hands

Saint Fiacre also demonstrated miracle healing by touching the afflicted person with his hands.  He was known to heal blindness, fevers, polypus, and a tumor that came to be called, “le fic de S. Fiacre”.  Sick people came from far and wide seeking cures from Saint Fiacre.

Saint Fiacre spent his time healing people, gardening, fasting, and praying.

Saint Fiacre Patron Saint

Saint Fiacre died on August 18, 670 and he was later named the patron saint of many causes.
• Against fistula
• Against infertility
• Against hemorrhoids
• Against venereal diseases
• Cab drivers
• Box makers
• Florists
• Gardeners
• Hosiers
• Pewterers
• Tile makers

Saint Fiacre Shrine

The Saint Fiacre Shrine in Breuil, France is still a popular site for pilgrims to visit.  They go to the shrine and pray to Saint Fiacre for a cure for their ailments.

The feast of Saint Fiacre is celebrated on September 1.  Many Catholics wear a Saint Fiacre medal or a Saint Fiacre pendant for protection against diseases or for cures from medical afflictions.

Women who suffer from infertility also wear Saint Fiacre jewelry and pray for his intercession in the hopes of becoming pregnant.  Giving a Saint Fiacre medal also offers infertile women the faith and hope of having a child in the future.


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