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St. Eustacius
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St. Eustacius

Saint Eustachius Facts

Saint Eustachius was the commander in chief of the Roman army serving in Asia under Emperor Trajan.  His Roman name was Placidus at birth and later changed to Eustace.  Saint Eustachius was a pagan who worshipped the Roman gods.
Saint Eustachius and the Stag

While he was on a hunting trip, Saint Eustachius experienced a miraculous event. He came upon a stag that had a glowing cross between its antlers and Jesus Christ spoke directly to him.

After the miraculous vision of Jesus and the stag, Saint Eustachius also had a prophecy that he was to suffer for Jesus Christ.  Saint Eustachius, his wife, Theopistes of Rome, his sons, Saint Agapitus and Saint Theopistus converted to Christianity.  After the conversion of Saint Eustachius, he became known as Eustachius rather than Eustace.
Saint Eustachius Denounced

Once Saint Eustachius converted to Christianity, the emperor Trajan denounced him.  All his property was taken away, as well as his entire family.  Saint Eustachius was forced to live as a pauper.

When barbarians invaded Rome, Trajan called Saint Eustachius back to Rome to serve in his army.  He was reunited with his family they were told that they had to worship the pagan gods once again.
Saint Eustachius and the Lions

Trajan order Saint Eustachius and his family to suffer death in the lion’s den.  When the family was thrown to the lions, the wild beasts played with Saint Eustachius like domesticated housecats.  The emperor was enraged and had Saint Eustachius and his entire family burned inside a bronze bull in 188 A.D. in Rome.  With his martyrdom, Saint Eustachius became the first of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.

Relics of Saint Eustachius are kept in Eustachio Church in Rome and St. Eustache Church in Paris.

The feast of Saint Eustachius is celebrated on September 20 by the Western Church and on November 2 by the Eastern Church.

Saint Eustachius Patron Saint

Saint Eustachius is the patron saint of many causes:
• Fire prevention
• Against torture
• Firefighters
• Hunters
• Hunting
• Shooting Clubs
• Pollution
• Trappers
• Difficult situations
• Madrid, Spain
• Poli, Italy

Many Christians wear St. Eustachius jewelry in honor of the sacrifice he and his family made for their faith in Jesus.  Firefighters and hunters often wear a Saint Eustachius medal for protection against injuries.

Saint Eustatius Island

The Caribbean island of Saint Eustatius or Statius was named after Saint Eustachius.


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