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St. Dunstan
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St. Dunstan


About Saint Dunstan

Saint Dunstan was an Anglo-Saxon saint.  He held the prestigious religious titles of Bishop of Worcester and Archbishop of Canterbury.

  • † Born in Baltonsborough, Somerset in 925 A.D. to a noble family.
  • † Saint Dunstan received his education at Glastonbury Abbey, one of the first Christian learning centers in Britain.
  • † After finishing his education, Saint Dunstan went to join King Athelstan’s royal court with his uncle, Athlem, who was the Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • † In 943, Saint Dunstan received the sacrament of Holy Orders, becoming a monk.  He was not really a devout man but entered the monastery because he feared he had contracted leprosy.

 St. Dustan Patron Saint

  • † Saint Dunstan began his monastic life in Glastonbury where he worked as a metalworker and laborer.  He excelled at the metalworking craft, creating bells, chalices, and other church related icons.
  • † Saint Dunstan is the Patron Saint of armorers, locksmiths, goldsmiths, blacksmiths, musicians, and jewelers because of his affinity toward working with metals.
  • † After the death of King Athelston, the newly appointed King Edmund named Saint Dunstan the Abbot of Glastonbury.
  • † Saint Dunstan’s goal was to revitalize the abbey by enforcing the stringent Benedictine Rule.  He also renovated the church and educational buildings.  Under Saint Dunstan’s guidance, Glastonbury became a highly regarded educational center.
  • † The reforms and scholastic improvements Saint Dunstan made to Glastonbury Abbey produced learned monks who established other monasteries throughout the British Empire.
  • † King Edmund confided in Saint Dunstan as his royal advisor.  After Edmund’s death, King Eadred was offended by Saint Dunstan’s criticism over the new king’s immoral behavior.
  • † King Eadred exiled Saint Dunstan.
  • † Saint Dunstan traveled to the Ghent monastery in Belgium but only remained there a short time.
  • † King Edgar, ruler of Northumbria ordered Saint Dunstan back to Britain where he Edgar named him Bishop of Worcester.
  • † When King Eadwig died, Saint Dunstan was consecrated the Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • † Saint Dunstan made all the arrangement for the coronation of King Edgar including the creation of the royal crown.  The consecration ceremony of the king remains the basis of modern day coronation ceremonies.
  • † Saint Dunstan died in 988 and is buried in the Glastonbury Abbey.
  • † The feast of Saint Dunstan is celebrated on May 19.

Follow the Example of Saint Dunstan

Saint Dunstan began his religious life as a humble, hard working Irish monk.  He rose to the impressive honor of Archbishop of Canterbury.  His faith and perseverance to renovate his abbey and educate the clergy was paramount in establishing other monasteries in Britain.

Many Christians wear a Saint Dunstan medal as they go about their day as a reminder to follow the example of Saint Dunstan.  The Saint Dunstan pendant helps Christians through the intercession of Saint Dunstan to be humble, hard working, and strive to share the way of Christ with others.

 St. Dustan Medal Pendant


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