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St. Dominic Savio
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St. Dominic Savio


St. Dominic Savio Biography

Saint Dominic Savio was born to Charles and Bridgit Savio on April 2, 1842.  His parents raised Saint Dominic as a devout Christian.  By the time he was four years old, Saint Dominic Savio would pray by himself and often found places to be alone and pray.

Saint Dominic Savio Education

Saint Dominic was noticed at his village school when he was five years old by Father Giovanni Zucca.  Father Zucca said that Saint Dominic Savio would kneel on the ground outside the church to pray in rain, wind, or other imclement weather.  The boy worked hard at his studies, became an altar boy, and was allowed to receive his First Communion at an early age because of his devotion to the Eucharist. 

Saint Dominic Savio’s First Communion

Receiving First Communion was traditionally done at the age of twelve but the parish priest allowed the seven year old St. Dominic to receive communion.  On the day he received First Communion, Saint Dominic Savio wrote down promises that he would keep:

Resolutions made by me, Dominic Savio, in the year 1849, on the day of my First Communion, at the age of seven.

1. I will go to Confession often, and as frequently to Holy Communion as my confessor allows.

2. I wish to sanctify the Sundays and festivals in a special manner.

3. My friends shall be Jesus and Mary.

4. Death rather than sin.


Many Catholics today give children who are making their First Communion a Saint Dominic Savio medal to inspire them to be as devout as the young saint.

St Dominic Savio Patron Saint 

Saint Dominic Savio and John Bosco

Saint Dominic Savio met John bosco in 1854.  St. Dominic told St. John Bosco that he wanted to be a priest and John Bosco took Dominic to Tuirin with him.  Saint Savio studied diligently, listened to sermons, was obedient to teachers, and chose his friends wisely.

Saint Dominic Savio spoke to John Bosco about how to become a saint.  The boy resolved himself to live the life of a saint.  In order to become a saint, St. Dominic often gave himself physical pain and sacrifices by putting stones and wood in his bed, sleeping with only a thin covering in the winter, and eating only bread and water.  John Bosco and the other instructors explained to the boy that he was not allowed to perform bodily mortification in fear of his health. They explained that St. Dominic should be humble and obedient in order to be saintly.


Saint Dominic Savio Becomes Ill

Saint Dominic Savio became ill and John Bosco decided to send him home to recover.  Before leaving the Oratory, Saint Dominic made the Exercise of a Happy Death which included Confession and Holy Communion.  The boy’s condition worsened when he got home and his parents called in a doctor.

The doctor bled Saint Dominic Savio which made him worse.  Dominic asked his parents to call a priest to administer the Anointing of the Sick to him.  His parents followed his wishes.  Saint Dominic was calm throughout his illness.  On March 9, 1857 Saint Dominic Savio opened his eyes and said, "Goodbye, Dad, goodbye . . . what was it the parish priest suggested to me ... I don't seem to remember . . . Oh, what wonderful things I see ...”  Saint Dominic Savio died after these words.

St Dominic Savio Medal Pendant 

St. Dominic Savio


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