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St. Cornelius
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St. Cornelius


Saint Cornelius Martyr

St. Cornelius became the 21st pope after Pope Fabian in 251 S.D.  Christian persecution was rampant at this time and St. Cornelius knew that his death at the hands of the Romans was a real possibility. 

The Golden Legend or Lives of the Saints written by Jacobus de Voragine, Archbishop of Genoa, in 1275 gives an account of the martyrdom of St. Cornelius and his brother, Bishop Cyprian. 

 St. Cornelius Patron Saint

“St. Cornelius succeeded to Fabian in the papacy, and was sent in exile of Decius Cæsar, and his clerks with him. And there received letters of comfort from Cyprian, bishop of Carthage. And at the last he was brought again from exile and presented to Decius. And when he saw him fast in the faith, he commanded that he should be beaten with plummets of lead, and that he should be brought to the temple of Mars for to do sacrifice, or else to have his head smitten off. And as he was led, a knight prayed him that he would return to his house because of Sallustia his wife, which had lain sick five years of the palsy. And she was healed by his prayers,and one and twenty knights with her believed in God, and were all brought to the temple of Marsby the commandment of Decius. And all they spit against it and were all martyred with Cornelius. And they suffered death about the year of our Lord two hundred and fifty-three. And Cyprian, bishop of Carthage, was present in the same city and was brought to fore Patronus the consul, and when he could not turn him in no wise from the faith of Christ, he sent him in exile. And from thence he was called again of Angliricus proconsul, which came after Patronus, and received martyrdom by smiting off his head. And when the sentence was given on him, he said: Graces and thankings be given to God. And when he came to the place of his martyrdom he commanded his servants to give to him that should smite off his head twenty-five pieces of gold. And then he took a linen cloth and bound his eyes with his own hands, and thus he received the crown of martyrdom, the year of our Lord two hundred and fifty-six.”

Some Christian historians believe that St. Cornelius died from hardships suffered during his exile rather than beheading.

St. Cornelius Patron Saint of Epilepsy and Ear Afflictions

St. Cornelius is the patron saint against epilepsy and earaches.  Christians pray to St. Cornelius, hoping that his intersession will give them faith and strength to accept their hardships.  Wearing a St. Cornelius medal or a St. Cornelius necklace offers comfort to epileptics and their families.

 St. Cornelius Medal Pendant


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