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St. Columbanus
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St. Columbanus


About of Saint Columbanus

Saint Columbanus was born in County Meath, Ireland in 540 A.D.  He was an Irish monk who traveled to England, Scotland, and France with 12 fellow missionaries and established monasteries. The monastery he founded in Bobbio, Italy still exists today.  The monasteries of Saint Columbanus emphasized harsh penance for sins and instituted confessing sins to a priest for forgiveness.

Miracles of Saint Columbanus

  • Wolves surrounded Saint Columbanus in the forest and he walked through them without harm to himself.

 St. Columbanus Patron Saint

  • Saint Columbanus cured illnesses and gave sight to the blind.
  • Saint Columbanus enjoyed praying in solitude in caves and woodlands.  He approached a cave and asked a bear that lived there to leave.  The bear stood and left the cave.  Many Saint Columbanus medals depict him with a bear.
  • The grain of a monastery in Luxeuil was replenished when Saint Columbine prayed for it.
  • A spring of water appeared when Saint Columbanus was thirsty.
  • A monastery field needed plowing and Saint Columbanus tamed a bear and hitched the bear to the plow.  This scene is depicted on Saint Columbanus jewelry.

Saint Columbanus Patron Saint

Saint Columbanus is the patron saint of motorcyclists and against floods.  The feast of Saint Columbanus is celebrated on November 24.

The relics of Saint Columbanus are interred in the Bobbio Abbey church.

Many Christians wear Saint Columbanus jewelry in honor of this Celtic missionary, especially Christians of Irish descent.  Wearing a Saint Columbanus pendant inspires all Christians to spread the Good News of Christ to others, just as Saint Columbanus did across Europe.

A Saint Columbanus medal or a Saint Columbanus charm is also an ideal gift for motorcyclists.  Wearing Saint Columbanus jewelry is added protection for motorcycle riders, hoping for the intercession of Saint Columbanus during their travels.
Prayers of Saint Columbanus

First Prayer of Saint Columbanus

“Let us, who are on the way; hasten home; for our whole life is like the journey of a single day.  Our first duty is to love nothing here; but let us place our affections above, our desire above, our wisdom above, and above let us seek our home; for the fatherland is where our Father is.  Thus we have no home on earth.”

Second Prayer of Saint Columbanus

I beseech you, merciful God, to allow me to drink from the stream that flows from your fountain of life. May I taste the sweet beauty of its waters, which spring from the very depths of your truth. O Lord, you are that fountain from which I desire with all my heart to drink. Give me, Lord Jesus, this water that it may quench the burning spiritual thirst within my soul, and purify me from all sin. I know, King of Glory, that I am asking from you a great gift, but you give to your faithful people without counting the cost, and you promise even greater things in the future. Indeed, nothing is greater than yourself, and you have given yourself to mankind on the cross. Therefore, in praying for the waters of life, I am praying that you, the source of those waters, will give yourself to me. You are my light, my salvation, my food, my drink, my God.

 St Columbanus Medal Pendant


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