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St. Athanasius
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St. Athanasius


St. Athanasius Biography

St. Athanasius was born around 293 A.D. in Alexandria, Egypt and died on may2, 373 A.D.  He is known as Athanasius of Alexandria, Athanasius the Great, Pope Athanasius I of Alexandria, Athanasius the Apostolic, and Saint Athanasius. 

  •       St. Athanasius Educated in Alexandria - St. Athanasius was taught in Alexandria studying philosophy and theology.  In 319, he was ordained a deacon by Alexander of Alexandria.

  •       St. Athansius Named Secretary to Alexander In 325, St. Athanasius became Alexander’s secretary for the First Council of Nicaea.
St Athanasius Patron Saint 
  •       St. Athansius Replaces Alexander St. Athanasius was named Patriarch of Alexandria when Alexander died in 328 A.D.
  •      St. Athanasius Visits Churches – During the first few years as Patriarch of Alexandria, St. Athanasius visited the churches of his people in Egypt and Libya.  He spoke to many hermits and monks in the desert.
  •       St. Athanasius Exiled – St. Athanasius was exiled to Trier by Constantine when he was falsely accused of interfering with grain being supplied to Egypt.
  •      St, Athansius Returns – After Constantine’s death, St. Anthansius was allowed to return to Alexandria but Constantine’s son exiled him once again.
  •     St Athansius – After the death of Gregory, St. Athanasius was welcomed back to Alexandria by the people of Egypt who saw him as a hero.  A time of peace known as the ‘golden decade’ ensued.
  •     St. Athanasius Pleads for Unity – In 361, St. Athanasius pleaded with all Christians for unity.  This eventually led to the orthodox doctrine of the Trinity.  At this time, the Emperor Julius order St. Athanasius to leave Alexandria.
  • St. Athanasius Died in 373 – St. Athanasius was buried in Alexandria but was later moved to Italy.

St. Athanasius – Doctor of the Catholic Church

St. Athanasius became a noted Christian theologian, a Church Father, and a Christian theologian.  In the Roman Catholic Church, he became a great Doctor of the Church. 

Many Catholics today wear his St. Athanasius medal or St. Athanasius pendant as a reminder of this great scholar of the Catholic Church.  The New Testament of today is derived from the work of St. Athanasius.  The St. Athanasius medal depicts him holding an open book because of all the doctrines of the Church he helped put into effect.

 St Athanasius Medal Pendant

St. Athanasius


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