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St. Anthony of Padua
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St. Anthony of Padua

Saint Anthony Biography
  •       Saint Anthony was born to Martin and Mary Bulhom in 1195 in Lisbon.  He was named Fernando at his Baptism. 
  •       When he was 15 years old, Fernando entered the St. Augustine Monastery and stayed there for two years.  At the end of that time, St. Anthony was transferred to Coimbra.
  •       Saint Anthony studied at Coimbra for nine years.  He became educated in Augustinian theology which would influence him in later years when he combined it with the Franciscan teachings.
  •       Saint Anthony was influenced by five martyred Franciscans whose bodies were brought to his monastery.  They were beheaded and tortured in Morocco.
  •       Saint Anthony made the most important decision of his life saying, “Brother, I would gladly put on the habit of your Order if you would promise to send me as soon as possible to the land of the Saracens, that I may gain the crown of the holy martyrs.”
  •       Saint Anthony leaves the Augustinians and enters the Franciscan friary.  He then goes to Morocco to preach the word of Christ.
  •       Saint Anthony became gravely ill and had to leave for home.
  •       Saint Anthony’s sailed into stormy weather and landed east to Sicily.  The friars of Messina found him and treated him until he was well.
  •       Saint Anthony asked to attend the Pentecost Chapter of Mats.  He was asked to speak at the meeting.
  •      He began to speak and his education and holiness became evident to everyone.  This led him into a life of public preaching in Northern Italy.
  •       Saint Anthony became the provincial superior of Northern Italy in 1226 and was invited to speak in Rome.  The people loved him and thought his sermon was miraculous.
  •       Saint Anthony would often go to La Verna for solitude and meditation.
  •       His last and most famous sermon was given in Padua during Lent.  30,000 people would gather to hear Saint Anthony preach.  The crowds would wait the entire night just to hear St. Anthony speak.
  •       Saint Anthony was only 36 years old but his health was failing.   He decided to return to Padua but became so ill, he never made it. 
  •       Saint Anthony receives the Last Rites in Arcella.  He sang songs and prayed until he said, “I see my Lord!”  Then he died.  He had served the Franciscans for ten years.
St Anthony Patron Saint

St Anthony Necklace Charm


Saint Anthony – One of the Most Popular Saints

Almost all Catholic churches have a St. Anthony statue on display.  He is one of the most popular saints for Catholics.  St. Anthony statues and St. Anthony jewelry typically shows him with a lily or holding Jesus as a child, or holding a book.  Sometimes a Saint Anthony medal  or a Saint Anthony pendant will have Saint Anthony holding all three of the images.

Saint Anthony is also the patron saint of lost items.  Almost every Catholic adult and child knows the St. Anthony prayer for lost items:

Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony

Look Around.

Something’s lost and can’t be found.

St Anthony Medal Pendant

St. Anthony of Padua


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