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St. Aedan of Ferns
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St. Aedan of Ferns

 Saint Aedan of Ferns

St. Aedan is known by many forms of the name: Maedoc, Aidan, or Mogue. He was born around 550 AD on an island in Ireland known as Inisbrefny. Today, the area is called Templeport, County Cavan. St. Aedan’s father was a tribal chief named, Setna and his mother’s name was Eithne.

The Miracle of Saint Aedan

Since the parents of St. Aedan did not have a boat, there was no way for them to transport baby Aedan to the mainland to be baptized. The legend has it that St. Aedan floated across the water on a large stone to a spot where St. Kilian awaited him. This miracle continues today with the holy water font of St. Mogue’s Church in Bawnboy making water from the same stone that carried Saint Aedan centuries ago.

St. Aedan – Founder of Monasteries

Monasteries in Drumlane, Ferns, and Wales were founded by St. Aedan and also thirty churches. He was also the first Bishop of the Diocese of Ferns. He is the patron saint of Ferns and Templeport Parish in County Cavan, Ireland.

St. Aedan
– Protection against Fire and Drowning

Pieces from one of the churches that St. Aedan founded are considered protection from drowning and fire. Many residents keep pieces of the ruins in their homes for protection. They also wear a St. Aedan medal to protect their homes and their families from disaster. They also celebrate his patron feastday on January 31. Many Irish Catholics wear a St. Aedan necklace or St. Aedan pendant on his feastday.

The name Aidan is also very popular in this area of Ireland because of St. Aedan and his contributions to the Catholic faith. Many Irish Catholics give a St. Aedan medal to a boy christened with the name of Aidan in honor of St. Aedan.

 St Aedan Medal Pendant

Saint Aedan of Ferns


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