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Christian Life
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Christian Life

Christian Life Symbols

There are four main symbols of Christian life:

  • The Lamb – The lamb is a symbolic representation of Jesus. The symbol is usually depicted with a wounded lamb holding a cross. It symbolizes the suffering of Jesus and his rising from the dead.
  • The Dove – In Christian life, the dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. The dove is usually descending down over the head of a person, radiating its power and grace. There are seven gifts of the Holy Spirit: wisdom, power, wealth, strength, praise, honor, and glory.
  • The Holy Eucharist – This is the symbol of the bread of life. The eucharist means to ‘give thanks’. Christians give thanks to Jesus for give them His body and His blood in Holy Communion, saving them from sin.
  • Water – Water is a symbol of Christian life as used in the Baptism rite, washing away sin with the grace of the Holy Spirit. Water is used by St. John the Baptist when he baptizes Jesus in the Jordan River and is still used today.

The Christian Life Medal

The Christian Life Medal displays all four of these Christian symbols. This Christian medal is a wonderful way for all Christians to carry the meaning of their religious life with them throughout the day. The Christian Life symbols are in bas relief on medals and Christian medallions, normally in gold and silver. Many Christian Life medals are engraveable for a more personalized symbol of Christian faith.
Christian Life Medal

Walking with Jesus

The four Christian Life symbols represent the most profound and comforting aspects of the Christian faith. By wearing a Christian Life medal, believers bring Jesus Christ with them always. The symbols remind Christians about how to grow in their understanding of Jesus as the Son of God who became man. Christians will be reminded of the part they play in celebrating as a community of believers.

Christian Life Pendant


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