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Mariners Crucifix
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Mariners Crucifix

Mariners Cross Jewelry Reaching Out to Mariners and Their Families

Men and women who work on the high seas are often overlooked even though they face the dangers of storms, rough seas, and floundering. Fishermen, members of the Coast Guard, and anyone who sails the seas need the prayers of all Christians and friends. They need the protection of God to make it home to a safe harbor after sailing the seas.

Praying for Mariners

Take time to remember and pray for the men and women who guard the borders by sea and the fishermen who go out in all kinds of weather to make a catch big enough to care for their families and put fish on your table.
Have a Mariner’s Crucifix blessed by a local priest and give it to a seafarer that you know, putting his or her safety in the Lord’s hands. The Mariner Crucifix also makes a wonderful gift for the families of mariners, giving the strength and comfort of Jesus as their loved ones go out to sea.
Mariners Crucifix

The Mariner's Prayer

Our Lady, Star of the Sea, Mother of God and our Mother, you know all the dangers of soul and body that threaten mariners. Protect your sons and daughters who work and travel on the waters of the world, and protect also their families that await their return. Star of the Sea, Mother of the Church, give light and strength to those chaplains and lay ministers who bring the love of your Divine Son among mariners. Fill their hearts with a supernatural and life-giving zeal for the apostolate. Star of the Sea, light shining in the darkness, be a guide to those who sail amid the storms and dangers of life. Enlighten the hearts of ardent disciples and bring us all to the safety of heaven's port.


Mariner's Cross Crucifix


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