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Caravaca Crucifix
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Caravaca Crucifix

The Story Behind the Caravaca Cross

The legend of the Caravaca Cross takes place in the town of Caravaca in Spain. During an attack by the Moors on Catholics in Caravaca during the 14th century, a priest was captured and forced to celebrate the Mass. The Moors were planning on ridiculing the priest as he said the Mass. They gave the priest what he needed to say the Mass, but did not provide a crucifix. The priest told the Moors that he could not say Mass without the crucifix and the Moors were about to murder him. At that point, two angels, carrying a crucifix, miraculously entered the room through a window. The leader of the Moors was instantly converted to Catholicism. It is believed that the Caravaca Cross contains a piece of the cross upon which Jesus was crucified embedded in it. Caravaca Cross Necklace

The Cross of Caravaca in Mexico

Ever since the colonial days in Mexico, the Cross of Caravaca has been a popular Catholic medal. A replica of the cross is said to have been transported to Mexico by Father Junipero Serra. It was the first Christian cross brought into Mexico.

The Power of the Caravaca Cross

Since the 1800’s, the Caravaca Cross is believed to hold certain powers:
  • It offers protection against diseases and fevers
  • It fulfills the wishes of those who ask. Because of this, it is also commonly referred to as the Wishing Cross.
  • It brings financial success to true believers. It is often displayed inside a horseshoe in Mexican businesses and homes as a charm for gaining wealth.

Non-Catholic Belief in the Caravaca Cross

African-American stores sell the Caravaca Cross under the name of the Wishing Cross. It is also used as a charm or mojo for making wishes come true. It is often combined with other herbal charms for the same purpose.

Caravaca Cross


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