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Star of David w Cross
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Star of David w Cross

The Star of David

The Star of David is symbolic of Judaism and Jewish heritage. It first came to use during the Middle Ages along with the menorah. The Star of David has also been displayed on the Flag of Israel since 1948.

Many people believe the Star of David came to be from the design of David’s shield when he was an Israelite soldier. He would become King David eventually. It is said that the shield had a metal frame in the shape of two interlocking triangles. This shape became the Star of David. There is no evidence to back this theory, however.

The Christian Cross inside the Star of David

The Star of David and Cross is a symbol of those Jewish people who believe in Jesus. These Jewish Christians remain true to their Jewish heritage but have faith in Jesus Christ as their way to eternal life with God. They usually convert to Catholic or other Christian faiths.

Another Jewish group known as Messianic Jews, continues to worship in the synagogue but also believe that Jesus was the Messiah.
Star of David with Cross jewelry

There are many similarities between Christianity and Judaism. The two faiths are intertwined in many ways. They both study Bible scripture, sacred text, and believe in God the Father.

Jewish Christians

Many Jewish Christians and Messianic Jews wear the Star of David Cross jewelry. It is a symbol of their pride in Jewish history and heritage but also a sign of their faith in Jesus as their Savior.

The cross inside the Star of David outwardly displays belief in Jesus Christ through the symbol of His crucifixion while incorporating the Star of David which is a universal symbol of Judaism. What better way for Jewish Christians to show their belief than is wearing a Star of David with Cross necklace and pendant.

Star of David with Cross


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