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St. Olga Cross
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St. Olga Cross

Who is St. Olga?

Olga was a woman from Pskov who married Igor of Kiev in 903 A.D. Her husband was killed by the Drevilians, an early Eastern Slavic tribe that lived in the deep woods. They were in opposition to any outside influences, especially the Kievan Rus. After Olga’s husband was murdered, she took control of Kiev Rus as ruler from 945 to 963.

During her time as ruler, she sought revenge for her husband’s murder. She captured many of them and scalded them to death. Olga is also said to burn an entire town that went against her rule. Olga was following the words of Jesus taken from Matthew 26:52 Then said Jesus unto him … all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword. The Drevlyani worshipped fire and took oaths on their swords, so Olga believed using fire against them would be a fitting revenge.

Christianity came to Olga and she converted at a ceremony in Constantinople. After being baptized, she took the name Yelena. Olga made great effort to spread Christianity throughout the country. She was named a saint because of her efforts to convert her country to Christianity. Olga’s grandson, Vladimir, continued with her apostolic mission and made Christianity the state religion. Olga died in 969.
St. Olga

The St. Olga Cross

In 944 A.D., Igor and the Greeks signed a treaty and the ancient text included the Tale of Bygone Years which chronicled the years 945. The chronicle said, “And thus having lived and well having glorified God in Trinity, Father and Son and Holy Spirit, having worshipped in the blessed faith, she ended her life in the peace of Christ Jesus, our Lord."

So, it is fitting that the St. Olga Cross or Orthodox Cross was created in honor of St. Olga’s works to spread Christianity and her devotion to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Many Christians wear the Orthodox Cross pendant or other forms of Orthodox Cross jewelry in honor of St. Olga.
St. Olga Cross

St. Olga Orthodox Cross


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