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Celtic Crosses
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Celtic Crosses

The Ancient Celtic Cross Symbol

Simple Celtic Cross
Simple Celtic Cross
The Celtic Cross symbol design is a simple Celtic cross with a circle intersecting the center of the cross-bars. This ancient Celtic cross is similar to the sun cross but was changed to incorporate the cross used by Christians. The combination of the two crosses became the old Celtic cross as more people converted to Christianity in the British Isles. The sun cross has a shorter vertical bar than the Christian cross. The Christians extended the vertical bar which then became the Celtic Cross. Celtic Sun Cross
Sun Cross

History of the Ancient Celtic Cross

It is said that St. Patrick introduced the Celtic Cross to Ireland when he was converting the pagans around 428 A.D. He used the sun cross as the basis for the Celtic Cross to lure the pagans to Christianity. Keeping the sun cross as an important symbol of the sun helped the pagans relate better to the Christian cross.
Stone Carved Ancient Celtic Cross

Once the Celtic Cross was introduced in Ireland, it spread to Great Britain. At that time, during the 7th century, many Irish monks carved the ancient Celtic Cross in stone and stood them throughout Ireland. These free standing, high crosses have survived to the present day and can be seen in Cornwall, Wales, Iona, Northumbria, and Scotland. The Cross of Kells in County Meath, Ireland is the most famous of the stone carved Celtic Crosses.
The Modern Celtic Cross

During the middle of the 19th century, more modern looking Celtic crosses were created in ireland. These crosses renewed the interest in Irish heritage and became popular as cemetery monuments. Interest in the ancient Celtic Cross spread all through Ireland and has become a symbol of the Celtic tradition and a Christian religious symbol. The Celtic Cross symbol also became a popular form of jewelry.

Celtic Cross


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