Timeless Gold and Silver Crosses

Timeless Gold and Silver Crosses

Gold and silver crosses are not like the crosses of old that Christians wore under their shirts and dresses, hidden from view. Today's Christians wear gold crosses as religious jewelry to express their faith and show pride in Christianity.

Gold crosses for women and men's gold crosses are available in numerous styles, dating back to the Byzantine elegant gold crosses to contemporary simple gold and silver crosses.

14 kt Gold Crosses Become Family Heirlooms

Giving a family member or friend a 14 kt gold cross as an anniversary gift, First Communion or Confirmation gift, or a birthday present, each time they look at it, they will remember the special time they received it and cherish it forever. No matter how much time goes by, they will be reminded of the gift and the message of love and hope that the Christian cross signifies.

Gold crosses can be handed down from generation to generation, the precious metal always looking new and elegant. Each generation will carry on the gift of faith and devotion to Jesus that the cross represents. Future generations will wear the gold cross with pride in their family and their faith.

The Symbol of Gold Crosses

Gold Christian crosses are ultimate symbols of faith in Jesus Christ, hope for everlasting life, and grace to help live a holy life. The jewelry creations of large gold crosses, gold chain crosses, and Greek gold crosses capture the treasured teachings of Jesus. The crosses remind every Christian how much Jesus loved His people that He gave up His life for them. Wearing the gold crosses shows devotion, love, and thankfulness for His sacrifice.

Gold crosses have been created in many forms since the start of Christianity and the symbol lives on. The cross is as strong now as it was with the early Christians.

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