White Gold Cross Pendant

Wearing cross jewelry offers the chance to stay connected to your faith and to proudly display it for all to see. Wearing a 14k white gold cross pendant is incredibly trendy and anybody can pull it off no matter what the occasion might be. A white gold cross or a  gold cross pendant can be worn during a casual work day or during an important religious holiday. Many find wearing the cross pendant to be inspirational and comforting.

There is a wide selection of cross jewelry to choose from and no one should feel lost or confused when it comes down to selecting your perfect white gold cross pendant. Picking out a couple of white gold cross pendant pieces that really speak to you or that are incredibly meaningful to you will help you have more variety and as well as be close to God and Jesus.

There are many materials to choose from when purchasing a cross pendant. Nowadays you can find religious pendants in many materials such as gold, silver, stainless steel, platinum, leather, wood, and many more. Gold is often the most preferred material because of its classic appeal. It also lasts for decades to come without any deterioration. Many members of the church recommend gold as the best material for a white gold cross pendant or a gold cross pendant because of its smooth feel and classic touch.

Not only are there many materials to choose from, but there are also different types of cross styles too. You can find a simple cross that is sleek and smooth in nature to highlight your personality and you can also find crosses that have diamonds imprinted in them for you to express yourself in a very lavishing way.  These different cross styles can be used for special events or every day use depending on your personality. Do not be afraid to try and experiment between the very lavish ones and the very subtle ones to help find the perfect fit for you.

If you're purchasing a new cross pendant to incorporate it with your other jewelry, be sure that it matches accordingly. Both gold and white are excellent colors that go with almost anything, however the cross style might conflict with your other pieces. When you're about to buy a 18k white gold cross pendant then be sure to hold your other pieces of jewelry up and compare it between them. This will help you narrow down the right cross for you and your style.




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White gold crosses come in many styles. This is a fancy 18k white gold cross pendant. It would go nicely with a stainless steel chain or a white gold chain. Click here to browse.


14k Large white gold cross for men is available in sizes up to 46x31mm (2.2x1.1 inch) It is available in sterling silver and yellow gold too.

Plain-White-Gold-Cross-PendantNo mater what style you are looking for you can find it here. This plain 14k white gold cross pendant would make a perfect gift. Look under "crosses White Gold" Click to browse.

Most people want a bold design when they are shopping for a man or men. This Rugged mens white gold cross pendant is simple and bold (1.5x1 inch) in size. (37x25mm) Click to Browse

Simple-White-Gold-Cross-Pendant-for-ConfirmationThis simple white gold cross would be a perfect gift for a child confirmation. We also have many other catagories under type of metal. Please see those too as there is a large selection.

This is a small white gold cross that would be nice for a child. Please look under "Crosses White Gold" or "Childrens Crosses" Click to browse.

Most people are looking for a attractive design when they are shopping for a white gold cross for women. We have many simple white gold cross pendants. Look under crosses of whatever metal you prefer. This 14k white gold cross pendant is found under "crosses white Gold" Click on image.

We have white gold crosses with special meaning and for types of curches. There are Orthodox, Greek crosses, Russian, Byzantine, Methodist, Spanish and more. This is the phos zoe cross in white gold. Click to browse.

If you want a very large cross at a lower price, go with a stainless steel or titanium cross. This one is a large bold titanium cross that will never tarish. Look under "crosses for Men"


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